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Batman: Arkham Knight - Gotham on Fire Locations and Walkthrough

Take on Firefly, and put out the fires plaguing Gotham's fire stations with this complete guide to the Gotham on Fire Most Wanted side mission in Batman: Arkham Knight.


During Chapter 3 of Arkham Knight you’ll have to investigate the vehicle that the Arkham Knight used to kidnap Oracle. After finishing up this mission Alfred will inform the Caped Crusader of a fire that has broken out in the Bristol Fire station over on Miagani Island. Due to this mission requiring access to all of the islands in the game, we suggest waiting until you’ve unlocked all of the different bridges, as you will need the Batmobile to complete them.

Accepting this mission will initiate the Gotham on Fire Most Wanted mission, which will task Batman with putting out fires at a few different fire station locations across Gotham.

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Bristol Fire Station

Location: Near Botanical Gardens on Miagani Island

Grab the Batmobile and head over the Bristol Fire Station, which is located near the Botanical Gardens on Miagani Island. Once you arrive, locate the electrical panel on the southern side of the building, and use the Power Winch to activate the fire suppression system.

Once the sprinklers turn on, and fire is out, one of Batman’s long time enemies, Firefly, will crash through the building, and you’ll need to chase him down in the Batmobile. Take off after him, dodging the fire he shoots at you, until the meter in the upper right corner of your screen is empty. At this point you should receive a popup in the bottom right corner of your screen to eject from the Batmobile and catch him.

Once you grab him, perform a Beat Down by pressing the button that pops up on your screen. This will give you 2 WayneTech Points, and then he’ll escape. Time to head to the second fire.

Cauldron Fire Station

Location: North of GCPD building on Bleake Island

Make your way to the Cauldron Fire Station, which is just north of the GCPD building on Bleake Island. Once you arrive, use the Power Winch to extinguish the fire, then chase down Firefly once he crashes through the wall again.

Once you’re close enough, eject from the Batmobile to catch him, then perform a Beat Down to collect 2 more WayneTech Points. He’ll escape again, so now it’s time to head to the third, and final fire.

Otisburg Fire Station

Location: South of Wayne International Plaza on Founder’s Island

Head on over to the Otisburg Fire Station, just south of Wayne International Plaza on Founder’s Island. Complete the same process you used at the previous two fires, and then after Power Winching the fire suppression system, chase down Firefly again. Once you eject and grab him, perform a Beat Down, then deliver him to the GCPD lockup to finish this mission up and grab another 2 WayneTech Points.

Once you’ve taken down Firefly you’re one step closer to initiating Knightfall, and completing the game 100%.

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