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Batman: Arkham Knight - The Perfect Crime Victim Locations and Guide

Solve one of the grimmest cases the Dark Knight has ever taken on, with this complete quick to every victim location featured in the Perfect Crime side quest.


Once players have imprisoned Poison Ivy during Chapter 1, Aaron Cash will inform you of a maimed corpse that his men found over on Merchant Bridge. Select the mission and head over there to begin the murder case.

Altogether there are six victims in total spread throughout the city. You’ll need to find, and investigate each murder site to proceed through the side mission completely. A good way to tell if you’re near something is to listen out for the sound of slow playing opera music.

In order to solve the murder you’ll need to identify all six victims using Batman’s Deep Tissue Scanner. Open up the game’s Detective Mode, and then use the pointer to discover any unique identifiers on each level. You can use the Aim Gadget and Crouch toggle buttons to switch between three different levels: skin, bone, and muscle.

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We’ve compiled a quick list of the victims, where you’ll find them, and what unique identifiers they have.

The Perfect Crime Victim List, Locations, and Identifiers

Anthony Lund - X:1537, Y:3297

Location: Bleake Island – Merchant Bridge

Unique Identifiers: Left Ear, Right Abdomen, and Left Hip

Franklin Accardo - X:2001, Y:2470

Location: Bleake Island – Gotham Herald building, northwest side

Unique Identifiers: Left Upper Arm, Chest, and Left Knee

Robert Kincaid - X:2822, Y:2454

Location: Miagani Island – Heavenly Hotel, east side of roof

Unique Identifiers: Chest, Right Upper Arm, and Toes on Left Foot

Lisa Mendes - X:3095, Y:1865

Location: Miagani Island – southeast side of building next to Salvation Bridge

Unique Identifiers: Left Torso, Right Eye, and Right Upper Arm

Ella Montgomery - X:1945, Y:1594

Location: Founders’ Island – south of Perdition Bridge

Unique Identifiers: Right Thigh, Right Abdomen, and Right Skull

Alison Wears - X:1962, Y:1593

Location: Founders’ Island – north Ryker’s Height near docks

Unique Identifiers: Left Thigh, Left Shoulder, and Left Pinky

Catching the Killer

Once you’ve located and investigated all six victims it’s time to bring this case to a close. Make your way over to Founder’s Island, and locate Pretty Dolls Parlor in Ryker Heights. Once you arrive, head inside, and move through the back door. You should begin to hear the ever-so-haunting slow opera music. Continue down the stairs to a circular surgery room where you’ll find Professor Pyg.

Wait for Pyg to attack, then counter when the icon appears over his head. Once he’s back on his feet he’ll ready for another attack, and you’ll need to wait until he attacks to counter. Once he’s on the ground again use your Ground Takedown to finish him up.

Now it’s time to take on some thugs. Dodge, roll, and punch your way through the thugs until you’ve taken them all down. Make sure you release the prisoners in the suspended cages before apprehending Professor Pyg.

Once he’s in custody simply drive him over to the GCPD and throw him in the cell.

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