Konami shifts its focus from console to mobile gaming

Konami is now shifting its focus from console to mobile gaming and may even bring some of its big-name franchises along with them.


Konami Digital Entertainment president Hideki Hayakawa has come out to reveal the company will be focusing on mobile saying “We will pursue mobile games aggressively” during an interview with Nikkei. “Our main platform will be mobiles.”

Hayakawa-san hints at key franchises, like Metal Gear Solid and Winning Eleven, may also be heading to mobile and even goes on to speak enthusiastically about charging a premium for actual game modes. “Following the pay-as-you-play model of games like Power Pro and Winning Eleven with additional content, our games must move from selling things like ‘items’ to selling things like ‘features’,” he added. “We saw with these games that even people who buy physical games are motivated to buy extra content.”

Konami has had quite the interesting past couple of weeks as it cancelled Silent Hills and the ongoing drama with Hideo Kojima leaving after the release of Metal Gear Solid 5 while still promising more titles will be released some time down the line. All of the pieces appear to fall into place towards a future where they focus on mobile gaming, which appears to be where some other publishers are focusing their efforts on as well. Let's just hope we don't get yet another iteration of The Simpsons Arcade game to play on our mobile devices.

Wait - that might actually be cool. Nevermind.

[Via Game Informer, MCV]

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