Watch Dogs walkthrough guide: From Hold On, Kiddo to Jury-Rigged

Information is power. When you're moving through the city of Chicago and hacking into its systems, you need all you can get your hands on. Get the download with our Watch Dogs walkthrough guide and hack your way from Hold On, Kiddo to Jury-Rigged.


Information is power. When you're moving through the city of Chicago and hacking into its systems, you need all you can get your hands on. Get the download with our Watch Dogs walkthrough guide and hack your way through these missions: Hold On, Kiddo, Brandon Docks ctOS Control Center, Breakable Things, Collateral, One Foot in the Grave, A Blank Spot There-ish, The Wards ctOS Control Center, and Jury-Rigged.

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Mission: Hold On, Kiddo

Objective: Meet Damien at the plaza.

Objective: Reach Nicky's house.

Objective: Get to the train station where Jackson is located.

Objective: Hack the train undetected to get Jackson away safely.

Start the mission, where you're directed to Nicky's house. Watch the cutscene and head to the train station to get Jackson. Quickly run toward the station until you can hack the camera in the middle. Point the camera outside the window of the train to hack the only two hacking points visible and get the train moving.

Objective: Take down the fixers before they reach Jackson.

Objective: Eliminate the remaining fixers.

Objective: Board the L-Train and find Jackson.

When the trian starts moving, get in your car and head to the next waypoint. Take down the fixers in the two cars pursuing Jackson. Once they're down, take out their backup. The easiest way to do this is to find an area with one exit and take cover behind your car. With the fixers down, head to the L-train and get in to complete the mission.

Mission: Brandon Docks ctOS Control Center

Objective: Buy some crafting components.

Buy crafting components inside the shop at the first waypoint. Make sure to buy enough of each component to craft all available items in your weapon wheel. After getting all of your items, head to the new waypoint on the map across town.

Objective: Locate a guard with the access code.

Objective: Download access code.

Pull up the facility's gate and access the camera on the left. Move it up and to the left to find the next camera. Move this camera up and to the right to switch to the camera on the right side of the ctOS building. Move this camera to the left to find another camera, then move the new camera down and to the left to find the guard with the access code. Hack him to obtain the codes.

Objective: Hack the ctOS server.

Get inside the ctOS building to hack the server. Open the gate and move to the left of the gate to find a garage door. Open the garage door and the patrolling guard will come investigate. Take him down from behind.

Enter the garage and up the stairs to take down the sniper. Take cover behind the desk near the guard to avoid detection and look out the window to the right to find a camera.

The easiest way to handle the guards between you and the ctOS building is the direct approach. Pick up the guard's SVD sniper rifle, back away from the window, and take down as many guards as you can before they notice you and start chasing you.

When the guards close in, move to the middle of the room between the moose head and the stairs. From here, take down any guards that attempt to enter the building. Take down any stragglers with the sniper rifle.

Head downstairs and out the door to the left. Move across the area and use the stairs on the far left to enter the ctOS building. Hack into the system to begin another hacking mini-game. Turn the right-most point twice, then turn the left-most point twice. This unlocks the center point. Click on it and turn the right and left points three more times each to unlock the upper-most point. Click the final point to access the camera.

Access the hacking point to view a few videos, but all you need to do is access the camera straight ahead. Unlock the hacking point to the left to complete the mission.

Mission: Breakable Things

Objective: Find the access code to Racine's office.

Hack the camera just above the gate. Move the camera up to find the next camera, then move that camera up to find the camera at the garage entrance. Remember this camera, because you'll need it later. Move the camera all the way to the left and access the audio file in the room. Then access the only visible camera in plain view.

Move the new camera up and to the right to find another one, then move it up and to the left to find yet another camera to hack. At this point there are two cameras in plain view. Hack the upper camera and move it up to find the person you need to hack to get the access codes.

Objective: Search Racine's office for clues on Nicky.

After getting the access code, wait for the patrolling guard to pass, then open the gate and take cover behind the van. Take out the guard when he approaches the gate, then access the camera above and move over to the camera by the heavy armored guard.

Wait until the heavy armored guard is standing near the explosive panel and take him down. Guards will come your way, so use the explosive panels in the immediate area to aid you. Afterwards, switch to the camera just above your present location and use the car alarm to attract any remaining guards. When they approach, use the forklift to move them near the explosive panel, then take them down by hacking the panel.

Head toward the building where the heavy armored guard was. Pick up the ctOS device just outside and the proximity IED on the table in the middle of the first room. Head up the corner stairs and hack the box at the top to unlock the door. Go through the door and hack the computer inside.

Objective: Hack Racine's phone.

Objective: Take down target.

Hack the person with the phone in front of you to eavesdrop on them. After they hang up, take the person down. A heavy armored guard awaits outside the room. Quickly blow up the junction box behind him to take him out, then run down the stairs and get in one of the cars in the yard. Mark the vehicle on the main map and chase after him until you've taken him down.

Mission: Collateral

Objective: Defend Clara from the attackers.

Watch the cutscene until you blow the second explosive device. Clara will get attacked from behind, so use Focus kicks to take down her assailant quickly. Follow Clara outside and take cover. Wipe out all of the enemies in the parking lot and the hallway ahead. Ignore Clara. She can take care of herself.

There are several cameras surrounding the parking lot, as well as a few explosive plates on the ground in the parking lot. Use them to aid you against enemies or dispatch them the old-fashioned way.

Objective: Escort Clara to her car.

Objective: Escape the motel area.

Follow Clara until more enemies show up. Take them down and head to the side of the motel to reach Clara's car. Even more attackers show up, so get in the car and flee. Lose your pursuers to complete the mission.

Mission: One Foot in the Grave

Objective: Search for bridge access.

Objective: Follow Clara.

Objective: Profile the homeless for clues.

Objective: Hack the caller.

Open the Profiler on your phone and find a hacking station (metal box) on your left next to a pole. Walk to the right side of the hacking station to hack into it, then follow Clara. After coming up empty, pull out your cell phone and start profiling the homeless people in the area. Head to the left of the building you stopped at with Clara to find a person making a call and hack their phone.

Objective: Kill the fixer before he reaches Tobias.

Objective: Kill the fixer's backup or escape.

A fixer takes off in a van, so find a car and take him out before he reaches his destination. But don't get too close or he'll call for backup. After killing the fixer, either kill the foes pursuing you or lose them.

Objective: Reach the poker game.

Objective: Join the game and draw out Tobias.

Head to the poker game, which is your new waypoint. Head to the back of the house and downstairs. Get in the game, which will run you $200.

Objective: Catch Tobias. Do not kill him.

Play a hand of poker to draw out Tobias. He'll make a run for it, so chase him down. Do not kill him or you will fail the mission! He'll put up more resistance the longer the chase goes, using some of your hacking tactics against you. Catch Tobias by using gates instead of hopping over fences and avoid running into objects or people. Once you're close enough, take him down without your gun. You'll get access to his shop, which sells crafted tools.

Mission: Mission: A Blank Spot There-ish

Objective: Reach the bunker island.

Objective: Power up the generators to restore the bunker.

Hack the bridge and rotate it. Cross the bridge, where you'll find three generators. Activate the one on the far right, which is marked on your map. There's an audio log in front of the building if you're collecting them. However, to gain access to the building, find the lift on the northeast side. Lower the lift, climb in, and raise it again. After it's raised, climb up to the left to find a ladder and climb to the roof.

Climb the next ladder directly ahead and move around to the right side of the fenced in area. Access the camera to the left. Access the second camera slightly to the right, then unlock the gate using the hacking point on the left. Head through the gate and blow up the tanks directly ahead to gain access to the ramp on the right. Head down the ramp and into the fenced area to find the generator activation point. Activate the generator and head back down. Use the lift and climb up and over the carrier to the right.

Go southeast toward the next closest waypoint. There's an audio log along a carrier that can be lowered on the east side. To the right of the carrier is a small alley. Head down the alley to find another audio log.

Head down the north side of the river until you're almost due east of the waypoint. Look for a garage door to the right, along the west side. Open the door and climb down into the water to enter the building through the door. Climb into the boat and head out the garage door and to the left. Stop near the dock and climb onto the front side of the boat, using the elevation to climb up onto the dock area. Head into the fenced area to the left and activate the generator.

Go to the northwest side of the lot to find the final generator. There's a gate here that you need to open, so access the camera above the gate. Move it up and to the right and hack the carrier to lower it and reveal another camera. Access that second camera and move it up and to the left to find a third camera. Move that up slightly and access the carrier again to lift it up. Unlock the door using the panel just behind the carrier.

Move through the gate and climb onto the green carrier on the right. From the green carrier, climb up to the carrier that can be moved with the crane, then hack the crane to move it. Drop down and head through the green carrier. Once you're through, turn around and look under the green carrier to find another audio log. Head into the fenced area through the door on the left side and find the generator activation switch.

Objective: Enter the bunker.

Objective: Search for the power controls.

Objective: Power up the bunker.

Open the door to the carrier at the next waypoint. Once it's moved, open the door again. Head downstairs and hack the laptop at the waypoint. Pick up the Jam COMs behind the laptop and head upstairs to the next waypoint. Pick up the Jam COMs on the desk and activate the power in the bunker.

Mission: The Wards ctOS Control Center

Objective: Locate a guard with the access code.

Objective: Download access code.

Objective: Hack the ctOS server.

Objective: Kill all the ctOS guards or escape the area.

Proceed to the gate on the south side of the ctOS area. Access the camera above the gate and move it to the left to find a second camera. Move that camera up and to the left until you find the guard with the access code near the garage door. Hack the guard and obtain the code.

Open the gate and wait for the guard to begin snooping around. Take him down when he moves away from the other guards. Get in the lift to the left to get to the roof. Move toward the waypoint and raise the two protectors for cover. Access the camera to the right and activate the forklift to distract the guard.

Take advantage of the distraction and move near the truck by the waypoint. Drop down right next to the waypoint. While the guards are still distracted, access the hacking waypoint to begin the mini-game.

Turn the left point once to unlock the lower middle point, then turn the lower middle point once. Turn the left point once again, then unlock the upper middle point and turn it once. Turn the left point two more times, then finally the lower middle point twice to unlock the final point on the far right. Click that point to access the camera. Access the camera on the far right, then unlock the ctOS straight ahead.

After unlocking the ctOS, the guards will hunt you down. Run southwest and jump over the small fence. Find a vehicle and bail as quickly as you can to finish the mission.

Mission: Jury-Rigged

Objective: Disable all three security terminals.

Objective: The gate is open, unlock the ctOS Tower.

Objective: Leave the area.

Get to the waypoint and prepare to sneak into the area and disable three security terminals marked on your map. There's a sniper on the south side and another on the east side. So enter through the northernmost west side gate, where you'll find one stationary guard and one that walks in a wide patrol. Wait for the patrolling guard to exit your sight and take down the lazy goldbricker.

Head to the north security terminal. Wait for the two guards to separate and take them down quietly. Again, focus on the lazy guard first and the patrolling guard second. Once both guards are down, access the terminal. Exit the area and walk around the outskirts.

Head for the southernmost west side gate. Enter the gate and take cover as soon as you get through. Avoid the patrolling guards and make your way through, making sure to stay out of the sniper's sights.

Continue to move toward the southern terminal. Another two guards patrol this area, along with a sniper up above. Take down the stationed guard when his buddy is out of sight and when the sniper is looking elsewhere.

Wait for the patrolling guard to find the dead body you just left, then sneak up on him and take him out, too. Watch out for the sniper, though. Wait for the sniper to look the other way and then access the terminal.

Hug the wall of the eastern building to avoid the station guards and the snipers all the way up to the fina terminal. As long as you're close enough to the building and you're underneath the snipers, you should have no trouble reaching this terminal. Hack the final security terminal to complete the objective.

Proceed to the next waypoint to find an audio log and another terminal to hack. Hack the terminal and exit the area. Head through the southern gate get outside the yellow area.

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