Watch Dogs walkthrough guide: From A Risky Bid to Way Off the Grid

Information is power. When you're moving through the city of Chicago and hacking into its systems, you need all you can get your hands on. Get the download with our Watch Dogs walkthrough guide and hack your way through these missions: A Risky Bid, Role Model, and Way Off the Grid.

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Mission: A Risky Bid

Objective: Follow the guide.

Objective: Follow the guide. (again)

Objective: Locate Iraq.

Objective: Scan Iraq's ID tags.

Get to the waypoint and follow the guide into the next room. You have the option to hack the object in the ceiling. Turn the middle and right point three times, the left point twice, and click the top point. Watch a quick cutscene.

Proceed through the hallway to reach the guide and follow him down the stairs and through the room. Go up and make your way over to Iraq. Watch the cutscene and as soon as you get close, scan his ID tags.

Objective: Escape unseen.

Immediately take cover and then head to the basement, avoiding the guards. Take cover upon reaching the basement level and wait for the patrolling guard to pass by to the right. Follow the guard and wait around the corner until the guard next to the waypoint turns his back to you. Take him down.

Climb the ladder and take cover again. Go through the gate when the guard at the end of the hall turns his back. Take him down and head down the hallway, waiting for the guard ahead to turn his back. Once he moves away, go around to the back side of the room. Move behind the boat and forklift and into the door before going upstairs.

Objective: Retrieve your weapons.

Objective: Escape the area.

Grab the bag on the table and access the camera to the right. Unlock the door using the hack ahead. Go through the door and head to the next waypoint. Watch the cutscene and hack the panel to cause an explosion when Focus is automatically initiated and the game slows down.

Vault over the wood and hack the panel on the opposite side of the room to unlock your objective. Use the wood for cover and dispose of the guards on the balcony.

Head through the unlocked gate to find more armed guards. Use the cameras in the area and wipe them out with explosives and other environmental hacks. Use cover to take out stragglers and head up the ramp.

Jump down to the lower section to find even more guards. Use the cameras and the environment to take them down, then go to the west side of the complex. Go upstairs and pick off any remaining guards. Head into the next building to find still more guards. Use the crane in the middle to get to the other side without fighting.

More guards wait outside the doors. Use the explosive panels on the ground, then get to a car and drive off.

Mission: Role Model

Objective: Eliminate all enemies.

Objective: Defend against reinforcements.

Use the camera at the end of the parking lot to take advantage of any environmental hazards. After that, use the cars for cover and pick off remaining enemies. Do not hesitate to use explosives to wipe out groups.

Reinforcements will eventually show up. Use the hazards in the parking lot before they can even exit their cars. If your hacking level isn't high enough, head to the second floor and start picking them off.

Objective: Find Jackson.

Go to the third floor of the building and access the hacking point at the top of the stairs. Unlock the door and proceed around the corner to find Jackson.

Mission: Planting a Bug

Objective: Get into position and contact Bedbug.

Get to the waypoint and drop the bug in the trash can. Find an audio log by the bar and head back outside to travel to the next waypoint.

Once you reach the next destination, proceed to the south side of the compound by scaling the fence and use the forklift to get inside. Use the large carrier as cover and access the camera above. Look to the left to find another camera and look to the right to find the hack panel needed to unlock the door.

Wait for the guard to move away and watch the one across the yard. When both are distracted, head towards the door. If you get spotted, find cover quickly and take down all the guards, who will be packing explosives.

Objective: Guide Bedbug to Iraq's locked server room.

Wait for the guard in the hallway to go around the corner and move Bedbug as far down the hallway as you can and do it fast. Move Bedbug behind the palette of objects near the laptop, where the guard won't spot Bedbug. Look to the left to find the guard in the other room. If he's not visible, use the laptop camera to switch to the camera in the other room to see the guard. Once you've spotted him, switch back.

When both guards are out of the way, move Bedbug into the other room. You can only move him to one spot in the room from this vantage point. Switch to the camera across the room and wait for the guard in the room to move all the way to the right. When he turns his back, move Bedbug behind the desk, closest to the camera.

Switch to the camera on the opposite wall, then to the camera in the next room. Move the camera to the right and hack the laptop. Distract the guard using the Attract point to the far right. When the guard turns his back, move Bedbug behind the desk, near the laptop. Switch to the camera in the corner and move it to the right until you spot the camera in the next room.

Turn the new camera to the right and find the guard at the end of the hall. Wait for him to turn before moving Bedbug to the palette of items right next to the door and panel. Unlock this panel and switch to the next camera. When the guard in the next room moves away, move Bedbug to the half wall in front of the room. Keep switching between cameras until you get to the camera in the room with the guard.

Distract that guard with the Attract item on the table under the camera. When that guard is distracted, move Bedbug through the doorway on the left. Switch to the camera in the doorway and move Bedbug out of sight and toward the panel on the wall. Unlock this panel and access Bedbug's hidden camera. When Bedbug walks into the next room and stands near the door, unlock it with the next panel.

Switch to the camera in the next room and hack the interlude to access another mini-game. All of the points that need to be accessed are in the center of this puzzle. Turn the point in the upper-left corner twice, then move right one point and turn it twice. Move to the lower-left point near the bottom and turn it once, then move to the timed point on the far right and turn it twice. Quickly move to the middle point on the left, unlock it and turn it once for two clicks in total. Turn the upper right point three times and the point directly below it twice. Move down one more point, unlock it, and turn it three times for four clicks in total. Click on the point at the very bottom to move on to the second puzzle.

This puzzle also involves all of the points in the middle, with the points at the top and bottom acting as the start and end points. Turn the point at the bottom twice, then move to the point above it and to the right and turn it twice. Move across to the point on the left and turn it twice. Move up one point and turn it once. Move across and turn the point to the right three times, then move up to the point in the middle and unlock it for one click. Move down one point to the left and turn it three times, then move down again and turn it once. Unlock the far left point, then turn it twice for three clicks in total. Then move up and to the right and turn that point once. Move down one point and turn it three more times, moving diagonally up-right and turn that point once. Turn the point just below it three times, then move to the far right, unlock it and turn that point twice for three total clicks. Move down to the bottom point and turn it three more times, then move up to the top point and turn it once. This unlocks the final point, just above it to complete the puzzle. Finally, move the camera to the left and hack the door to unlock it.

Objective: Escape the Viceroys.

Exit the doors and get in one of the cars in the yard outside, then drive away. Avoid detection and simply escape.

Mission: Way Off the Grid

Objective: Enter the bunker.

Objective: Reach the location of Kenny's last signal.

Go into the bunker and watch the cutscene. Head to your new destination and carefully approach the doorway on the south side. Avoid the guard and take cover inside.

Objective: Eliminate all fixers.

There are six fixers: three patrolling outside and three inside. You can use cover to take them out individually in a stealthy manner. But you can also use the environmental hazards or start a gun fight, but you're advised to leave the environmental hazards in place.

Objective: Start the data upload.

Objective: Defend the area until the upload is complete.

Objective: Eliminate all the fixers.

Access the computer at the waypoint. Use cover to hold off the enemies as the upload completes. Once the upload is complete, take out any remaining fixers.

Objective: Wipe the hard drive.

Objective: Chase down and eliminate the fixer.

Head back to the computer and wipe the hard drive. Then head outside and grab a car to chase the escaping fixer, but not the closest one, which is very slow. Use a car parked on the street.

Be patient when chasing down the fire truck. Tail it and keep an eye out for chances to take it down with hacks. After stopping it, take out the two fixers