Watch Dogs walkthrough guide: From Grandma's Bulldog to Stare into the Abyss

Information is power. When you're moving through the city of Chicago and hacking into its systems, you need all you can get your hands on. Get the download with our Watch Dogs walkthrough guide and hack your way through these missions: Grandma's Bulldog, Not a Job for Tyrone, Uninvited, Breadcrumbs, Mad Mile ctOS Control Center, and Stare into the Abyss.

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Mission: Grandma's Bulldog

Objective: Connect remotely to Rossi-Fremont.

Objective: Track the source of Damien's IP address.

Get to the waypoint and enter the hideout. Use the computer in the middle of the room to access the camera ahead. This starts up a hacking mini-game with a timer.

Start with the point above the timed point. Turn it three times and move up one more point and turn it twice. Move to the point to the right and unlock it, turning it three times (four clicks in total). Move back to the previous point on the left and turn it three more times. Move down to the lower right point, unlock it and turn it three times (four total clicks). Move to the newly unlocked point at the bottom and click it.

Find an audio log to the left of the camera. Grab that, then hack the elevator ahead to open the doors and hack the camera inside. Move the camera up and to the left to hack the elevator and move it to the next floor. After the doors open, hack the camera ahead.

Hack the higher camera on the upper floor by moving the camera up and to the left. Hack the camera on the person walking down the hall and wait for him to the corner. Hack the panel on the wall to begin another hacking mini-game.

Start with the point to the left and turn it three times. Move right and turn the next point twice. Move all the way to the top point and turn it once. Move down to the timed point in the middle and turn it once, then move to the point on the left and unlock it (click it once) and move back up to the top point. Turn it three more times, then unlock the final point on far right.

Access the camera across the room by moving the camera up. Move the second camera up and hack the laptop and the camera next to it. Hack the top camera and grab the audio log on the right. Hack the laptop camera on the right. Proceed to hack the laptop, followed by the camera in the hallway.

Turn the camera to the left and hack the next camera down the hall. Move the camera to the right to find the next one down the hall. The camera is located in front of the hack panel. Hack it to begin another mini-game.

Start with the bottom point and turn it once. Move up to the timed point and turn it three times. Move to the upper left point, unlock it, and turn it twice. Turn the timed point three more times and move back down to the bottom point and turn it once. Turn the upper right point to unlock it and turn it once. Turn the bottom point for three more turns. This unlocks the point at the very top. Click on it to access the camera.

Move the camera up and to the left to find an audio log. Hack the camera next to it and move it up to hack the camera in the middle of the wall in the room. Now hack the camera on the far left and move that camera to the left. Hack the next camera on the far left. Move the camera to the right and hack the hidden camera on the person down the hall. Wait for him to exit, then hack the laptop camera. When the person leaves the room, hack the camera straight ahead. Move it to the left and hack the next camera.

Mission: Not a Job for Tyrone

Objective: Find access to Bedbug's home.

Objective: Install tracker on Bedbug's phone.

Access the camera near the roof of Bedbug's house. Find a hacking point all the way to the right. Hack the router to begin another mini-game. Start in the upper-right and turn that point twice. Move to the lower-left point and turn it once. Move to the middle point on the right and turn it twice. Move to the middle point on the left (two points to the left), unlock it, then turn it one time for two total clicks. Move to the point above and turn it once. Then move back to the lower left point (two points down) and turn it one more time. Turn the point at the very bottom three times, then move to the point in the middle (one point up), unlock it, and turn it once for two total clicks. Move back to the bottom point and turn it two more times, then move to the upper-right point and turn it three more times. Then move down one point and turn it three times. Finish up by moving to the left and unlock the last point. Point the camera toward Bedbug and install a tracker on his phone.

Objective: Follow Bedbug to get blackmail. Remain unseen.

Follow Bedbug to his car, but don't get caught. Hijack a nearby car and follow him. When he moves into gang territory, do not follow him in. Move around the gang area to the right and continue to follow him when his car exits the area.

When Bedbug gets out, he enters another restricted gang area. Follow him on foot from the north and don't get caught. When he stops next to the van to have a conversation. Wait until he moves and move around the back side of the van. Hide between the dumpster and the wooden structure.

Wait for Bedbug to move again. Cross the street and look out for the gang member in the area he moves in to. Don't get caught, so move into the area and take cover. Bedbug will move around another fence, walking right by another gang member. As soon as that he looks away, climb over the fence and take cover to the right of the tree near the exit Bedbug uses. Keep an eye on Bedbug from behind the fence.

Objective: Use cameras to follow Bedbug.

Use the nearby cameras to keep an eye on Bedbug. Start with the camera behind you, near the patrolling gang member. Move the camera up to find another camera directly ahead. Switch to this camera and move it up to find the camera on the building next to Bedbug. Access this camera and listen in on Bedbug's conversation.

Objective: Help Rabbit escape.

Objective: Call Rabbit.

Objective: Guide Rabbit safely through the Viceroys.

Objective: Leave the area.

Bedbug will pull a gun on Rabbit, so hack the object next to them. Rabbit will run for it. Use the camera to follow him and hack his phone to call him. You'll be alerted to a gang member, but they're moving so quickly that they won't remain long enough to actually spot you. Ignore the notifications and focus on Rabbit. If you are get spotted, it means you weren't far enough to the right of the tree when you took cover.

You can now either allow Rabbit to get caught and hack his phone for information or you can direct Rabbit to leave without being seen. If you choose to help him out, there are two guards in the immediate area to worry about. Wait until the one closest to Rabbit moves away and direct him to move to the stack of palettes next to the garbage crate. Quickly switch to the camera on the left and direct Rabbit to move behind the palettes near the guard in this area. At this point, the guard will move. As soon as he turns, move Rabbit to the guard's previous spot and switch to the camera just above the red truck. Move Rabbit to the other side of the truck.

From this spot there's one guard down the street. Distract him, otherwise wait for him to turn around. When he does, switch to the camera to the right of the guard and move Rabbit behind the white structure to the left of the red truck with the white trailer. Switch to the camera to the left of Rabbit and move him to the palettes just to the left of the guard ahead. Switch near Rabbit and move him around the side of the palettes when the guard comes around. From here, Rabbit will lead himself out of the area. Now just worry about getting yourself out.

Mission: Uninvited

Objective: Destroy the truck with IEDs.

Equip an IED, stand back, throw it at the van, and then detonate it. Escape before police arrive.

Objective: Reach the Sienna Brick Factory.

Objective: Find security footage to plan your attack.

Objective: Prepare an ambush against the Viceroy hitmen.

Take a car to the the factory. Hack the gate when you get there and use the computer at the waypoint. You don't have much time to set up an ambush. Pick up the extra IEDs to the left of the computer. Look around on the ground to find tracks on either side of the area and any cigarette butts that indicate the locations of guards. Place IEDs in each of these locations, raise the shutters and the protectors, and hide behind one of them until the hitmen arrive.

Objective: Viceroys incoming. Find a good vantage point.

Objective: Eliminate all of Iraq's crew.

Wait for the two cars to park and detonate your IEDs. You should get both vehicles, but take out any stragglers. Take out the first group on one side of the protectors before the hitmen on the other side show up.

Objective: Hack the phone to intercept the call.

Objective: Take down the fleeing Viceroy.

Objective: Reach Bedbug's location.

Objective: Follow Bedbug undetected.

Objective: Call Bedbug.

Objective: Hack the terminal to display Bedbug's blackmail.

Hack the phone in the center of the area before grabbing a car to chase down the last Viceroy. Take him down and find Bedbug. Follow him into the park and don't get spotted. Take out your phone and call Bedbug. Then move near the terminal and hack it.

Mission: Breadcrumbs

Objective: Track the auction briefcase and watch for hand-offs.

Objective: Follow the briefcase unseen.

Watch the thug take the briefcase and follow it as it gets passed along. Head back up the stairs and follow the briefcase from the street level, which will help you avoid being spotted.

Objective: Tail the boat carrying the briefcase.

Objective: Locate the briefcase unseen.

Get to the pier and wait in cover for the hand-off. Hop on the nearby motorcycle and follow the boat. When the boat arrives, find the briefcase without being spotted. Rotate the platform to get over to the building. You don't need to be close to the briefcase to discover its location.

Objective: Infiltrate the marina to get the briefcase.

Objective: Escape the marina.

Go towards the west platform. Move to the end of the platform and swim over to the ladder to the left of the garage door. You'll be at the north side of the building. Two guards stand along the east, while a third one patrols the area. Access the camera above to pinpoint all the guards. Make your way upstairs to the main area and wait for the patrolling guard to move south. After he exits, get closer to the briefcase.

Stop and hide near the wood pile until the patrolling guard returns. When he stops nearby and turns away, take him down. Watch the direction the remaining guards are facing and charge towards the briefcase. One guard will patrol the area surrounding it, so wait for him to move away. Grab the briefcase and make your escape. Exit where you came in and simply drive away.

Mission: Mad Mile ctOS Control Center

Objective: Locate a guard with the access code.

Objective: Download access code.

Get to the ctOS Control Center and find a hacking point near the pizzeria to the northeast. Opens the gate and head through the gate. Take cover and hack the first guard on the left. He moves around, so if you don't see him, simply wait behind cover.

Objective: Hack the ctOS server.

Objective: Leave the area.

Exit the area and head south. Stay close to the building and make your way around without leaving the mission area. To the left of the south gate is a blue lift. Use it to get to the roof and access the cameras on each guard and around the area to pinpoint each guard.

Drop down to the lower level and wait behind cover until it's clear to move to the waypoint. All of the guards will eventually disperse, except one. Stay close to the wall and move in slowly to take him out.

Head to the waypoint when the coast is clear and hide. Access the hacking point and begin the mini-game. Start with the timed point in the middle. Turn it one time and move to the lower left point. Unlock it and turn it one time as well for two clicks in total. Unlock the point at the very bottom and turn it three times for four total clicks. Go back to the timed point and turn it one more time. Unlock the far right point, then turn it once for two clicks in total, then unlock the point in the upper left corner and turn it once for two clicks in total. Go back to the far right point and turn it two more times to unlock the point at the very top. Click the final point to access the camera. Access the camera on the far end of the room and access the unlock point ahead.

Use the hacking point ahead to attract the closest guard and hide between the attract point and the hacking point. When the guard rounds the corner, take him out. Head out to the left and avoid any guards until you reaech the exit.

Mission: Stare into the Abyss

Objective: Hack the ctOS box to find Crispin.

Head across the street and hack the point without being seen. You'll only have 15 seconds to complete the hacking mini-game.

Turn the far left point three times and turn the far right point once. Unlock the point above the timed point and turn it one time for two clicks in total. Go back to the far left point and turn it three more times. Return to the far-right point and turn it one more time to unlock the point at the top. Click the final point to access the camera.

Objective: Eliminate Crispin.

Access all of the cameras in the building to get a bead on the position of the guards. Crispin is too heavily guarded to get in clean without any kills. In addition, if you give him a chance to run he will take it. Move around to the south side and open the two doors closest to Crispin. You'll need to be careful when you nudge the doors to open them. If you go too far in you'll alert the guards.

With the doors open, craft a frag grenade and a few IEDs, take cover, and throw the frag grenade inside. Get the IED thrown and ready to explode, but wait until Crispin walks out of his covered area. As soon as he's close enough to the IED, blow it. If your timing is off and Crispin gets away, you'll need to find a vehicle and chase him down.

You can also get in a nearby car and park it in front of the opened doors. Use the car as cover and shoot up the area. Make sure you don't get caught by Crispin or he'll attempt to escape.

Objective: Hack Crispin's phone to obtain data.

Objective: Kill all of Crispin's backup or escape.

Do what it takes to kill Crispin. Hack his phone after you kill him and exit the area.

Objective: Go to the private lounge, Infinite 92.

Objective: Follow the host.

Objective: Leave Infinite 92.

Head downstairs to the next waypoint. When you're inside, follow the host to the next waypoint. Watch the cutscene and head toward the door. Watch that cutscene and go to the final waypoint.