Watch Dogs walkthrough guide: From Open Your World to Dressed in Peels

Information is power. When you're moving through the city of Chicago and hacking into its systems, you need all you can get your hands on. Get the download with our Watch Dogs walkthrough guide and hack your way through these Act I missions: Open Your World, Thanks for the Tip, Not the Pizza Guy, A Wrench in the Works, and Dressed in Peels. Catch up with Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6 of our Watch Dogs guide
Mission: Open Your World
Objective: Meet with Badboy17.
Objective: Reach the ctOS Executive Offices.
Objective: Enter through the underground loading zone. Go down the stairs and walk over to the waypoint to start a cut-scene. Then go to the next waypoint and enter the building through the loading zone. Take care of the guard outside by getting as close to the red zone without entering it. Set off the car alarm in the van. The guard will leave his post to investigate, and that will be your chance to quickly take him down. Hide behind the van parked inside the loading zone. Move to the left side of the van when the coast is clear, but stay crouched. Close the loading zone door to attract the guard from the other side of the van and take him down. The car that you want is straight ahead and to the right. Trigger its car alarm to bring a third guard over. You may need to use the protector if he doesn't take the bait. If the guard spots the fallen bodies, he'll come to check them out. Take him down as soon as he's within striking distance. With the guards out of the way, hack the camera straight ahead on the right. Turn it to all the way to the right to see the guard carrying a hackable explosive, but don't blow him up yet. Just make note of the guard's location. Jump to the camera on the wall to the guard's left, but not the one in the area where he's standing. Then turn it right to see another camera on the far wall. Hack it and turn it left and you'll find the hacking spot that will unlock the door. After unlocking the door, go left of the van and get behind cover around the corner, and then behind the second van. Now access the camera that is pointed at the guard with the explosive. Hack him and blow him up. The explosion will bring the three remaining guards running in to investigate. As soon as they're clear of the area between you and the door, make a run for it and get to the waypoint. Objective: Locate a guard with the access code. Hack the camera straight ahead near the soda machine. Turn it left and zoom in on the guard at the end. He walks around on patrol, so you might need to wait for him to show up. Switch cameras if you need to. Then hack him to get the access code. Objective: Hack the access point to breach the unsecured laptop. With the access code in your possession, hack the first camera again. You'll find two explosive plates on the floor along with a guard that can be hacked to explode. Wait for the guard to walk by the closest plate, then detonate it. Then use the second plate to blow up the guard that comes to investigate. Take cover behind the soda machine, wait for the next guard to come close, and take him down. Now hack the soda machine to grab the next guard's attention and take him down. There's one guard left on the bottom floor and two patrolling the top. However, you'll need to sneak across the bottom floor in order to get upstairs. Go around the outer edge of the room until you're near the corner where the stairs are. Keep the guards upstairs in mind as you move. Take control of the camera on the wall and use it distract the guard by the stairs, then quickly move in to take him down. Go up the stairs and wait for the guard at the end to step inside the room. Once the coast is clear, steak to the guard on the far side and take him down. Now get to the last guard, sneak up behind him, and take care of him. Then go into the room and hack your target. Time for another hacking mini-game. Turn the left point twice, then the point on the far right twice. Unlock the middle point and turn it three times. Now turn the left point once more, and then the right point again once. Unlock the point at the top and you'll move on to the next hotspot. When you're at the second hotspot, turn the left point twice, turn the one above it once, and then the point on the right needs to be turned three times. Lastly, turn the point on the right one time to finish the hack. Objective: Hack the laptop to upload a virus and give Clara access
Objective: Escape the plaza.
Objective: Escape the Police scan undetected. Now you have control of a camera. Straight ahead is a laptop that needs hacking. Once that's done, escape the building as fast as you can. You can try our stealth skills to get across the upper floor... or you could make a mad dash out of the room, down the hall to the right, and through the door. You might take some gunfire damage, but you should be able to reach the door. Once outside, jump into a car and escape the cops to complete the mission.

Mission: Thanks For the Tip
Objective: Reach the mystery caller's signal source.
Objective: Pinpoint the signal's location.
Objective: Find and activate the ctOS Boxes. Start the next mission by walking forward and through the alley. For extra crafting supplies, lower the lift on the right, then get onto it. Raise it again and get onto the platform for electronic parts. Go up the stairs on the other side of the area to get to the waypoint. Once there, open the profiler to pinpoint the location. Now you'll need to find to ctOS boxes, so hack the camera on the far right. Point it up and to the right for an unlock option located on the far balcony. Head back downstairs and into the alley, then make a right. Lower the lift on the left and get the chemical component. Then look up to see the next camera that needs to be hacked. Point the camera up for another unlock point and hack into it. Objective: Access the building network to reach the signal source. Go back upstairs and hack the box at the end for a mini-game. Turn the lower left point three times, and the point above it twice. Now turn the point on the lower right twice. Unlock the point above and turn it three times. Return to the lower left point and turn it twice. Unlock the final point to move on to the next hotspot. At the second hotspot, turn the point on the far left three times. Next turn the point at the top middle twice. Turn the point at the bottom middle once, then unlock the point above it and turn it once. Return to the point on the far left and turn it once. Then turn the point at the top two more times before turning the bottom one three more times. Unlocking the point on the far right will complete the hack. Objective: Investigate the apartment.
Objective: Hack the phone.
Objective: Kill all fixers or escape.
Objective: Follow the traced call to Damien. You now control an apartment camera. Jump over to the camera on the right, then hack the phone right in front of you. You end up drawing attention to yourself, so it's time to escape the area. You can stay hidden behind cover until the search finishes, or you can try to eliminate everyone that's after you. Controlling the cameras will give you access to the explosive plates and terminals. Raise the protector next to you for better cover. Then take down any enemy that comes up the stairs or across the area toward your location. By using some strategic hacking, you can detonate all the explosives (along with anyone who is carrying an explosive), to kill enough people for them to call off the search. Another option is to use the explosives to clear a path down the stairs, then make a run for it down the alley. But be aware this is extremely risky and is likely to lead to your death. Pick up a vehicle once you're out of the area and drive to the next waypoint. Once there, get out of the car and go up the stairs to trigger a cut-scene and finish the mission.
Mission: Not the Pizza Guy
Objective: Climb to meet Jordi on the patio deck. A cut-scene is triggered once you reach the waypoint. Then you'll need to get over to another location to start the mission. Walk forward , climb up the planter, and scale the side of the building to get to the patio. Objective: Infiltrate the rail yard.
Objective: Interrogate the Fixer Boss. Go back to the street and cross the bridge. Then walk over to the locked gate to get into the rail yard. Look past the gate, hack the camera across the way, and activate the crane in the middle of the yard to take out two guards. Jump to the camera on the right and direct it upwards to see another camera on the building across the way. Make note of the patrolling guard because you'll need to know his location as you move through the yard. Point the camera left and look down for the hack location that unlocks the door. Head down the stairs and wait for the guard you spotted earlier to move to the far side, and away from you. Move over to the lift, get on it, and raise it to the second floor. Climb over the railing and make your way over to the other side of the area. Wait for the guard to look away, then go in and do a takedown. The yard below has one guard on patrol and there's an exploding panel nearby. Wait for the guard to get close then hack the panel to blow him up. The other guards will come in to investigate. Drop down the other side of the building, near the lift, while they're distracted and you'll reach your destination. Another approach is the wait for the guards to reset and sneak in close to the destination. Once you're close enough, set off another explosive panel to draw the guards away, then go through the door for a cut-scene. Objective: Kill all the fixers or escape. Go back through the door when the cut-scene ends, but be warned there are a bunch of shooters outside. Use the forklift for cover and wait for them to draw near. Your best cue for moving is when you get hit, because this means they're right where you want them. As soon as you take damage, sprint to the stairs you used when you first entered the yard. Then get into the nearest car and speed away to escape the Fixers and finish the mission.

Mission: A Wrench in the Works
Objective: Use the Profiler to find Angelo Tucci's niece.
Objective: Hack the niece's phone.
Objective: Hack the niece's phone. (again) Start moving toward the glass building while searching. The closer you get, the more information you'll receive about your target. Eventually, you'll be told that she's inside the building. Go inside and hack the target's phone twice to get the location of the next target. Objective: Kill Angelo Tucci before he reaches the prison.
Objective: Eliminate Angelo Tucci before he escapes.
Objective: Kill Angel's allies or escape. You find out that your target is Angelo Tucci, and he's on his way to the prison. You need to intercept him before he gets there. Get into a car, bring up the map, and mark the waypoint. Track down Angelo and get close to disable his vehicle, or hack the environment to take him down. The bad news is as soon as you find him, all of his buddies will come after you. So, kill Tucci quickly, then you can either strike back at his friends or make a run for it. Running is the easiest option, but feel free to let the bullet fly if you're in the mood for a fight. Either way, you'll complete the mission.
Mission: Dressed in Peels
Objective: Escape your cell. The mission starts after a cut-scene. Go up to your cell door and look out the window. Then hack the guard's camera. Hop from guard to guard toward the direction of the waypoint until you reach the control room camera. Then hack into the system to unlock your cell. Objective: Locate the survivor. A lot of guards patrol this prison, so stealth is the best option. Although you can choose to perform takedowns, it's easier just to keep moving from one waypoint to the next. Guards need a moment to recognize you. A red triangle will pop up over their heads if they spot you, but you can rush back behind cover. As long as you're hidden within a second or two, the guard won't be alerted to your presence. Go left from your cell and keep moving until you reach some stairs on the right. Head down the stairs and into the office that's slightly off to the left. Once inside, get the item on the desk to complete the objective. Objective: Access the network to view the exercise yard. Make sure the coast is clear before leaving the office. Move straight and to the right of the stairs. Then go around the outer wall and unlock the room that's around the corner on the left. Hide behind a pillar once you enter the room and start hacking across guard cameras until you get to one walking down the hall. He will enter a room where you can hack the main system. Hacking starts up a mini-game. Turn the lower left point once, then turn the lower right three times. Switch to the upper left corner and turn it once, then turn the uppr right corner three times. The timed point on the middle left has to be turned twice to unlock the middle right point. Quickly go to that point and turn it once, then back to the timed point for one turn. Now you can unlock the point on the far right, and the timer doesn't stop until it's unlocked. Objective: Find the stadium survivor: Raul Lionzo.
Objective: Get to the survivor in the basement. You can now control the camera that overlooks the yard. Direct it left and hack the opposite camera to see Lionzo sitting by the wall. There's a guard inside the room ahead. Hack into his camera and wait for him to walk to the far side of the room. Then take control of the left guard's camera inside the server room. Hack the device on the left to unlock the main door. Takedown the guard in the room when he turns around, and move through the room and down the hallway. Then wait for the next guard to turn around and go into the elevator. Alternatively, you could stay behind cover and rush toward the elevator, doing your best to make sure the guards don't spot you. Even if they do, they won't register your presence if you can get behind cover soon enough. You'll be in the elevator before they know what's going on. Hack the elevator and go to the basement. Once there, go to the room ahead, pick up the gun, and hack the panel. This grants you access to the camera in the next room. Jump to the camera on the far left wall, then point it right to find the hack point. Leave the room and go into the next one on the right. Get the Focus Boost item sitting on the desk and then go through the door and into the hallway. To the right are double doors that open to a room full of guards. They will spot you as soon as you open them. Objective: Take out the corrupt guards. Use the laundry bin for cover and wait for the guards to close in on you. As each one draws close, use your gun to shoot him. An armored guard will appear once this wave is down. Wait for him to approach, then make a run for the room on the right, then all the way to the other end. Turn around until you're facing the other door and target the explosive panel on the right. Wait for the armored guard to come in and move into position before detonating the panel. Two more guards will show up. You can either hack into the camera and uses bursts, or wait for their approach to use your gun. Objective: Confront the survivor.
Objective: Exit the prison.
Objective: Escape the Police. Go to the room in the far corner and get the electrical parts by the entrance. Then hack the nearby door and open it to start a cut-scene. Go downstairs after it ends, through a door, and go left to pick up the care package left for you. Head to the end of the hall and go into the room on the right. Grab the Jam COMS from the table along with the audio log to the left of it. Now look through the window and unlock the door. Get to the top of the parking garage as fast as you can and sprint towards the car on the right. The police are homing in on you, so get out of this garage fast. Speed down the ramps until you reach the streets. Then it's just a standard police chase with a helicopter thrown in. You complete the mission by escaping the police. Congratulations! You've completed Act I of Watch Dogs!