Super Hexagon creator makes Flappy Bird-inspired 'Maverick Bird'

The loss of Flappy Bird continues to affect many, but there are people out there trying to fill the void with their own homage. Among them is Super Hexagon-creator Terry Cavanagh.


The world continues to grieve over the premature demise of Flappy Bird. But take heart, Flappy Bird fans! There are folks out there that are trying to fill the masochistic void left by Dong Nguyen's addictive mobile game. One of them is Super Hexagon-creator Terry Cavanagh, who has created a Flash homage called Maverick Bird.

Maverick Bird features the same premise as the game it took its inspiration from, with the 'Up' and 'Down' keys used to flap and dive, as players scramble to avoid obstacles. The difference, of course, is that Cavanagh has put his unique visual flair on the game, making it look closer to his own minimalist classic, Super Hexagon. Cavanagh updated his blog with the simple message, "Thanks for the inspiration, Dong. Looking forward to your next game when things settle down!"

Cavanagh isn't the only one trying to fill Flappy Bird's feathers. His game is among dozens currently entered in a special Flappy Jam, which indie devs are hoping will lend Nguyen some moral support. The game jam's mission statement reads, "Indie gamedevs [sic] are friendly and supportive, envy and teasing should not belong to our community, nor be a cause of suffering."

Check out Cavanagh's Maverick Bird here.

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