Jayson Tatum and A'ja Wilson are the NBA 2K25 All-Star Edition cover athletes

In a first for the series, NBA 2K25 will have champions from both the NBA and WNBA on its premium edition cover.

2K Games

While the NBA is in the middle of its offseason, the WNBA is in the middle of arguably its hottest season ever. Among those taking notice of the WNBA's rise are 2K Games and Visual Concepts, which are celebrating the league with a special dual-cover athlete for the NBA 2K25 All-Star Edition. For the first time in series history, the premium edition will feature cover athletes from each league, both defending champions. They are the Boston Celtics' Jayson Tatum and the Las Vegas Aces' A'ja Wilson.

Cover images for NBA 2K25's various editions

Source: 2K Games

Tatum will grace the cover of the solo standard edition, while Wilson will be the focus of the GameStop-exclusive NBA 2K25 WNBA Edition. Both champions will be featured on the cover of the slightly more expensive NBA 2K25 All-Star Edition.

The team at Visual Concepts is hopeful that players will take notice of more than the new cover athletes this year. NBA 2K25 is expected to be a big step forward for the series with the PC version of the game finally featuring mode parity with the current-generation consoles... mostly. While PC will feature the current-gen console specs, ProPLAY technology, and various game modes, it still won't have cross-platform play. Crossplay for this year will still only be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S users. Updated modes will be featured in NBA 2K25. This includes new MyTEAM modes, a sixth era for MyNBA, and the returning The W mode that takes players into the world of the WNBA.

NBA 2K25's standard edition will retail for $69.99 USD on all platforms with the exception of the Nintendo Switch, which will sell for $59.99 and probably won't look as polished as its higher-spec counterparts. The WNBA Edition will sell for the same price at GameStop. The All-Star Edition, featuring Tatum and Wilson, will go for $99.99 and come with a slew of different currencies. Lastly, a Hall of Fame Edition featuring the legendary Vince Carter will sell for $149.99 USD and include more digital goodies, as well as a 12-month NBA League Pass subscription. NBA 2K25 is coming to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on Friday, September 6. The Hall of Fame Edition will only be available until Sunday, September 8.

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