2XKO brings Braum's frosty heroics to its roster

Wielding his great shield and an army of friendly Poros, Braum will bring his might to the 2XKO character pool.


Riot Games and the team on 2XKO are continuing to cook up new reveals for the much-anticipated League of Legends team fighter, and this week we got a new character reveal in the form of Braum. Bringing his heartwarming heroics from the coldest reaches of the Freljord, Brawm will bring a beefy and heavy-handed option to the 2XKO roster.

Braum was announced for 2XKO from the game’s social media this week. He marks one of the first instances of a support character showing up in the roster. Typically in League of Legends, Braum is using his great shield and burly might to slow or stun opponents, protect allies, and bring defensive crowd control to team compositions. In 2XKO, he’s going to be a heavy-hitting brawler with what looks like quite a few grapple abilities and some of those same defensive abilities. Notably, he has a move where he advances towards his opponent while holding his shield up, blocking attacks and tanking damage.

What’s more interesting is all the grapples. Braum looks like he’s going to be able to manhandle opponents, throwing them about the screen and pummeling them with his shield in a mix of hefty strikes and throws. He’s even got a move where he jumps on his opponent using his shield as a sled and surfs them all the way to the wall. Simply put, it seems like you don’t want to be caught in arms reach of this burly fighter.

Hype for 2XKO continues to build as new things are shown. With rollback netcode already confirmed for the game, we’ll look forward to seeing what’s next for 2XKO as new information drops.

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