2XKO will have server-based rollback netcode

Project lead Tom Cannon seems confident that Wi-Fi won't be as much of a factor in the quality of 2XKO's matches.

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Earlier this week, Riot Games and Project L lead Tom Cannon finally revealed the official name of the game. It’s 2XKO, but that wasn’t all that was shared. Cannon also spoke to the upcoming game’s netcode and it sounds promising. Specifically, it seems 2XKO will have server-based netcode, meaning online matches should be particularly stable when it comes to most connections, whether wired or Wi-Fi.

Cannon shared word of 2XKO’s netcode in response to a joke posted on Twitter about the game and the much maligned “Wi-Fi Warriors” of the FGC (those who play on a wireless connection, which it has been argued causes numerous issues in online fighting games). In his response, Cannon mentioned that 2XKO is definitely getting server-based rollback netcode. With server-based rollback, the game relies less on the connection qualities of the players, so theoretically, even Wi-Fi players shouldn’t affect the quality of a match the way it would in peer-to-peer or delay-based games.

Tom Cannon confirming that 2XKO will have server-based rollback netcode
According to 2XKO project lead Tom Cannon, the game will have server-based rollback netcode when we have a chance to play it online.
Source: Tom Cannon

This should come as a delight, but not necessarily a surprise to fighting game hands. Riot Games has taken its time and spared little expense to ensure that 2XKO has been progressing in a satisfactory manner. The game has gone through huge visual changes to get a cel-shaded art style that makes the characters look great. The tag system means you can have Marvel vs. Capcom-style matches with League characters, or even play tag team with four players controlling each character in two opposing teams. The shift from Project L to the name “2XKO” has had fans conflicted, but the more time we spend with it, the more normal it will become.

Good server-based rollback netcode is just another sweet little update in a line of many that have been revealed for 2XKO. With playtests coming later this year and a final launch expected in 2025, stay tuned for more 2XKO news and updates as they drop.

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