Marvel Snap's July 2024 season includes dates for Alliances and Deadpool's Diner

The Maximum Effort season will feature Deadpool's wacky friends, as well as some new features for Marvel Snap as a whole.

Second Dinner

Marvel is putting a lot of energy into this month of July. The entire company will be focused on the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine motion picture blockbuster that's set to release in just a few weeks. As one might imagine, Marvel's various gaming titles will look to help promote the movie and Marvel Snap is no different. The Maximum Effort season, set to kick off tomorrow, will feature Deadpool's misfit friends from across his comic book history. However, it will also see the debut of some long-requested features for the game as a whole.

This month's Marvel Snap season will feature lovable characters from Deadpool's history along with the big bad from his next movie. Here are the cards players can expect to see:

  • (4) Gwenpool (6) (Season Pass card) - On Reveal: Pick a random card in your hand 3 times. Give +2 Power each time.
  • (3) Copycat (5) - When you draw this, steal the text from the bottom card of your opponent's deck.
  • (1) HYDRA Bob (4) - After each turn, this moves if a player Snapped.
  • (3) Cassandra Nova (1) - On Reveal: Steal 1 Power from each card in your opponent's deck.
  • (5) Ajax (5) - Ongoing: +1 Power for each card in play afflicted with negative Power.

New locations were also revealed along with this month's cards. Weapon X will discard a card in your hand and draw a new one. Meanwhile, Taco Truck will add a 0-Cost, 2-Power Chimichanga to your hand. The Chimichanga is consumed by a friendly card when it's put into play.

Second Dinner wasn't content to simply reveal the new season's cards and locations. There are several dates to keep in mind for the weeks ahead. This includes the debut of Deadpool's Diner, where players will bet Bubs to try and unlock Cassandra Nova. Manage to get even higher and you'll unlock a unique Cassandra Nova variant. There are still some questions as to how this mode works, but Second Dinner is promising more details ahead of its Tuesday, July 23 debut.

On Tuesday, July 30, another highly requested feature arrives. Alliances will allow players to form a group of friendly local heroes. Friends will then be able to complete Bounties and earn special rewards for the whole group.

Key art for the Marvel Snap August 2024 season Young Avengers

Source: Second Dinner

Lastly, Second Dinner has also issued some early details for the August 2024 season. This will celebrate Marvel's Young Avengers and feature characters like Hawkeye Kate Bishop. More details on the new season can be expected shortly before its launch on Tuesday, August 6.

Look for the July 2024 Maximum Effort season to debut this Tuesday. To celebrate, Twitch Drops will open up for a new Wolverine variant. For more details on this and the upcoming Deadpool and Jeff Leagues, take a look at the Marvel Snap website.

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