How to link your Marvel Snap & Twitch accounts

Make sure your Marvel Snap and Twitch accounts are linked in order to earn Twitch Drops and other in-game rewards.

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Marvel Snap continues to take the mobile gaming world by storm. It's also available on PC via Steam Early Access, as evidenced by the dozens of Twitch streamers that are dedicating their time to creating content for Second Dinner's digital collectible card game. After almost a year on the market, Marvel Snap is now getting into Twitch Drops; meaning players can earn special in-game rewards for completing certain conditions. However, those rewards can only be collected if a user's Marvel Snap account and Twitch account are linked. Allow Shacknews to explain how to go about doing that.

How to link your Marvel Snap & Twitch accounts

Marvel Snap Spider-Man Twitch Drops from Gamescom 2023

Source: Second Dinner

Marvel Snap has a dedicated page to help users link their in-game accounts with their Twitch accounts. Here's how to use it.

  1. Make sure your version of Marvel Snap is updated to the latest version. Jump onto the App Store or Google Play stores if necessary.
  2. Head over to the Marvel Snap website and click the Start Now button.
  3. Click under the Marvel Snap logo on the left and log in with your Marvel Snap credentials. If your account is tied to your Apple or Google accounts, make sure to log in with that information.
  4. Click under the Twitch logo on the right and log in with your Twitch credentials.
  5. When you're logged in to both accounts, click the Confirm Link button.

Your Marvel Snap and Twitch accounts are now linked. You should now be able to earn Twitch Drops through special promotions, such as this one for Gamescom Opening Night Live. There's no telling when Second Dinner will offer future Twitch Drops, but as noted in the August 2023 roadmap, they are coming imminently. For more news, guides, and other fun stuff on Second Dinner's popular card game, be sure to follow the Marvel Snap topic page here on Shacknews.

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