EVE Vanguard gets roadmap, including Steam Early Access launch forecast

CCP Games is calling the current period of EVE Vanguard its Solstice era, and it will lead up to work on a Steam Early Access release sometime after the roadmap ends.


With CCP Games continuing to work hard on EVE Vanguard alongside its main space MMO, the group has a lot of plans to keep both growing strong, and it just shared a bunch of details about what’s ahead for Vanguard. CCP Games released a roadmap full of developmental goals and plans for EVE Vanguard that runs through post-November 2024, where at the end of the roadmap, CCP will be preparing for a Steam Early Access release.

CCP Games shared the roadmap for EVE Vanguard in a director’s letter on the EVE Online website this week. There, EVE Vanguard director CCP Rattati and overall EVE creative director Bergur Finnbogason spoke to the future of Vanguard’s events and development. That included the development roadmap. Between now and November, CCP intends to tackle a number of topics including expanding the economic connection between EVE Online and Vanguard, expanding environments, weapons, and blueprints, an upgrade to progression and rewards, and more gameplay elements spread between PvE and PvP.

The EVE Vanguard Solstice Era roadmap with different milestones including a Steam Early Access launch after November 2024
EVE Vanguard has quite a year ahead of it, and after November, CCP Games is set to focus on bringing the shooter to Steam Early Access at a later date.
Source: CCP Games

This will all lead up to a major update for EVE Vanguard in November 2024 where a wealth of further content will be implemented alongside fixes and tweaks based on testing and player feedback. That also includes an EVE Vanguard player gathering in London. After that, it looks like CCP Games is going nose to the grindstone to get EVE Vanguard onto Steam in early access.

We recently had a chance to talk to CCP about the feedback to the recent EVE Vanguard Solstice event, as well as bits and pieces of what lies ahead for the FPS. Check out that interview and stay tuned to the EVE Online topic for all things EVE here at Shacknews.

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