Wild Bastards devs on lessons learned from Void Bastards & the possibility of a show

The developers from Blue Manchu spoke to us about lessons learned from its previous game, as well as interest in adapting its vibrant universe to an animated series.


Wild Bastards is the follow-up to Blue Manchu’s previous solid first-person roguelike shooter Void Bastards, and it’s shaping up to be quite cool. Wild Bastards keeps the cel-shaded art and FPS roguelike style of Void Bastards intact while adding to it in a lot of exciting-looking ways. And with a cool variety of characters to play in this particular game, we took the opportunity to talk to Blue Manchu’s dev team about how it is improving upon the foundation it established in previous games, as well as if the devs would ever consider an animated series with their art style and universe.

Audio Director Ryan Roth was on hand to speak to us about Wild Bastards, speaking to the above topics and a few more in an interview that can be viewed below.

Roth’s answer on the matter of an animated show with the Bastards universe is an interesting one, especially given that apparently many fans made comparison to another animated series called Final Space, which ran on Netflix for a while until its removal in December 2023. Clearly, Blue Manchu is focused on getting Wild Bastards out the door first with a September 2024 release date set. However, it would be interesting to see Blue Manchu move on some form of media outside the games, especially given how much fun we’ve had with Wild Bastards so far in previews. Time will tell if it happens.

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