Shack Together 021 - Kunitsu-Gami + Nintendo World Championships, GameStop Fun, feat. Ozzie Mejia

Doom-scrolling Steam Sales might finally pay off


Join us for a riveting installment of Shack Together, brought to you by Shacknews! Today, our lovely team—host Asif Khan, mysterious and invisible cohost John Benyamine, myself Joe Stasio, and senior editor Ozzie Mejia—kick things off with a discussion about what we’ve been playing recently.

Ozzie dives deep into his experiences with Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, Stray Gods: Orpheus DLC and the much-anticipated Nintendo World Championships NES Edition. You can read his full previews and impressions on Shacknews. Meanwhile, I share some quick thoughts after completing Animal Well and exploring Excavation of Hob's Barrow. Finally, Asif updates us his time with [checks notes] F-Zero 99 and more.

Next, we play a few rounds of "One Bid," where our contestants try and guess some of the hottest deals from the Steam Summer Sale in the style of The Price is Right. From here, we pivot over to our usual story time segment where we cover the latest news in gaming and tech. Finally, we close with a segment where we look into our souls and try and figure out what on earth is happening over at Gamestop. And that's it! Thanks as always for lisetning and enjoy!

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