Shack Together 020 - Nintendo Direct, Dead Rising Trivia, Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, feat Donovan Erskine

A franchise I've never played but always admired takes center stage this week.


Join us for the latest episode of Shack Together, where we delve into all things gaming with our special guest, Donovan Erskine! This week, our hosts Asif Khan, John Benyamine (will he show face?), and myself, Joe Stasio, along with Donovan, chat about what we've been playing and share our latest gaming experiences. Most importantly, I give my long-awaited take on the Metroid Prime Remaster and recap my time at the Distant Worlds NYC concert this past weekend.

We then have some fun with Dead Rising Trivia, testing our panel's knowledge of the beloved zombie game series. From the original game’s release date to the protagonist’s profession, we test the crew’s knowledge of this no-longer-dormant franchise.

In Story Time, we bring you quick updates on some of the hottest news in gaming, including the Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster announcement (which I am choosing to give copious airtime, as you can see), Super Monkey Ball's latest review as well as Asif's impressions on it, and more. Since we weren’t able to record last week, we also dive deep into the recent Nintendo Direct, with exciting announcements such as Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom and Metroid Prime 4: Beyond. Thanks as always for listening, and enjoy!

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