EVO 2024 registration closes with a record-breaking 10,000+ competitors

The world's largest fighting game competition returns in July 2024 with the most competitors it has ever had in a new venue.


EVO 2024 is turning out to be one of the most insanely popular fighting game tournaments the world has ever seen, and now it has the official numbers to show it. Official registration for EVO 2024 has closed, and the final numbers on participants are in. 10,224 unique players signed up for EVO 2024, making history as the most participants to ever take part in the Las Vegas fighting game tournament.

The organizers behind EVO 2024 shared the details of registered participants so far in a press release on the EVO website. The final numbers were recorded as registration closed on June 26, 2024. The final count makes for an incredible milestone in competitive gaming, as the organizers point out:

It’s a massive milestone for EVO and fighting games in general. The tournament has one of the most exciting lineups of fighting games, featuring new titles like Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8, as well as classic titles like Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. It’s also worth noting that Street Fighter 3 itself it joined Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising in achieving over 1,000 competitors for the first time at EVO.

With so many players in attendance, EVO 2024 stands to be an exciting competition with the added bonus of fighting game reveals and updates galore. With the event right around the corner in July, stay tuned for more updates and news as we get closer to EVO 2024.

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