Dragon Age: The Veilguard will feature action-based combat with a strategic pause

Those looking for a turn-based RPG may be disappointed, but Veilguard's strategic pause will let you stop the action to prepare spells and skills like in previous games.


Dragon Age: The Veilguard got a full gameplay reveal to follow its appearance on the Xbox Games Showcase, and with it, we got to see more about what kind of RPG it will be. Those who enjoyed Dragon Age: Inquisition may be happy to know that much of those same systems are returning. The game will be heavily action oriented as you attack and move in real-time against foes. Those looking for turn-based are out of luck, but Dragon Age’s Tactical Camera is also returning and will let players stop the action to issue orders and queue up actions in battles.

These details were revealed during the Dragon Age: The Veilguard gameplay showcased this week after a solid appearance in the Xbox Games Showcase over the weekend. In today’s gameplay, we saw that The Veilguard will have an active action-oriented style in normal gameplay. Players will handle one character and attack and move with them while other characters are controlled by AI.

If you want to more intricately handle orders in your party and direct your chracters carefuly, the Tactical Pause is also returning. Players will be able to stop the action in combat, move between characters, and queue up their attacks, item use, magic, and skills to help you more strategically handle the battle and get the most out of your squad.

Bioware has shared Dragon Age: The Veilguard will be its most versatile RPG yet, allowing players to lean into the action side or the strategic pausing side as much or as little as they please. With Dragon Age: The Veilguard about the release in fall 2024, stay tuned for more details on the game as we get closer to its launch.

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