Vault Puzzle solutions for Vaulted Obstacles Triumph - Destiny 2

How to complete all three Vault Puzzles in Zero Hour for the Vaulted Obstacles Triumph for the Vimana Junker ship in Destiny 2.


Vaulted Obstacles is one of the many Triumphs players can unlock during Into the Light. This Triumph tasks players with solving three Vault Puzzles in Zero Hour. Completing each of these will unlock one additional level of The Corruption Spreads for Outbreak Perfected in Destiny 2, not to be confused with the bonus perks or the Exotic catalyst. It will also grant access to the Vimana Junker ship schematic.

Note: You must use Outbreak Perfected to shoot the symbols.

Vault Puzzle 1

The terminal on the wall above where you entered the fight
Activate the panel on the wall to get the buff that allows you to shoot the symbols.
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Vault Puzzle 1 is started in the second area where to fight a Brig, Shanks, and Vandals. Clear out the enemies and then go above the debris where you entered. Activate the panel on the wall to get a buff called Temporary Clearance Granted – you have 30 seconds to shoot the symbols in the correct order.

The first symbol on the wing structure

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The second symbol on Tess' kiosk

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The symbols are all located in the same spot, but the order will be different each time. You can refer to the panel to see what to shoot next or a small holoprojector found near the exit ramp. You’re basically building the SIVA symbol. The symbols can be found:

  • Attached to the side of the wing near the stairs
  • On the kiosk where Tess was
  • Near the exit ramp to the next area
The last symbol by the exit ramp

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Fight through the level until you get the Cryptarch Vault. This is where the real Vault Puzzle begins.

Go to the left of the Vault and look at the television. The left side of the screen has a layout of the vault and the right side has three shapes with a series of arrows below them. The shapes correspond to the layout of the terminals on the walls inside those rooms (note that the lower left room looks like a square, the top left room looks like a diamond etc).

The solution to Vault Puzzle 1

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The arrows below a shape show the order the panels must be activated. A black arrow is for a terminal inside the room and an orange arrow is for a terminal in the main vault (the orange squares you can see on the layout).

For Vault Puzzle 1, read from the top to the bottom. So it would be: Activate the top right terminal in the room, activate the lower right terminal in the room, activate the lower left terminal in the hallway, lower left terminal in the room, upper left terminal in the room, and upper left terminal in the hallway.

Once the last panel is activated, you will get The Corruption Spreads 2 and part of the Vimana Junker schematic.

Vault Puzzle 2


Vault Puzzle 3


The Vaulted Obstacles Triumph can be a bit confusing at first, especially with the Vault Puzzle room. However, once you know how to read it the first time, all subsequent Vault Puzzles will be simple to complete. Take a look at our Outbreak Refined quest guide for info on how to unlock the additional perks and our Exotic catalyst guide for info on how to acquire its Exotic catalyst. As always, find more tips and guidance on our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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