Marvel Snap May 2024 season celebrates mutant Exiles team

Blink leads a parade of other-dimensional mutants for Marvel Snap's next season.

Second Dinner

Mutant mania is sweeping through Marvel at the moment with X-Men '97 about to wrap up its first season on Disney+. While Cable and Bishop are recognized as some of mutantkind's premiere time travelers, there's also a mutant team in the comics that deals exclusively with hopping across dimensions. They are the Exiles and they are the focus of Marvel Snap's May 2024 season, titled A Blink In Time.

The next Marvel Snap season will debut a new member of the Exiles team each week. Here are the characters that players can expect to see:

  • (5) Blink (7) (Season Pass card) - On Reveal: Swap the last card you played with a higher-Cost card from your deck.
  • (5) Namora (6) - On Reveal: Give +5 Power to each of your cards alone at another location.
  • (3) Nocturne (5) - You can move this once. When this moves, replace its location with a random new one.
  • (3) Sage (0) - On Reveal: +2 Power for each different Power among all other cards here.
  • (6) Sasquatch (10) - Costs 1 less for each card you played last turn.

It's interesting to note that the Season Pass video above does not point to any new locations. However, the Second Dinner team has noted in the video's description, as well as on the Marvel Snap Discord, that new locations will be coming. Be on the lookout for those as the season goes on.

As always, premium season passes go for $9.99 USD each. Second Dinner is continuing to roll through its 2024 roadmap, most recently adding new card customization options while also balancing several cards.

We'll continue to watch for more Marvel Snap updates, so keep it on Shacknews. We'll report on the latest news as it surfaces.

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