Akuma unleashes the Satsui no Hado on Street Fighter 6 in late May

We got a full look at how Akuma fights in his Street Fighter 6 DLC debut, as well as his official release date.


Akuma will round out Street Fighter 6’s Year One DLC, and he finally has a release date. During the closing hours of EVO Japan 2024, Capcom made sure to give us a full look at how the Raging Demon is going to play in the latest game. However, perhaps more importantly, we got a date for when Akuma will release. He’s coming in the latter half of May 2024.

Capcom revealed Akuma’s Street Fighter 6 gameplay and release date at EVO Japan 2024 this last weekend. He’s set to come to the game as the final DLC character of the Year One content on May 22, 2024, alongside the Enma Shrine stage. Suitably, Akuma looks nasty. His strengthened Gou Hadoken fire ball, air-launched Zanku Hadoken, Ashura Senku teleport, Shoryuken, and Demon Flip return, but he has even a few more tricks up his sleeve. It would appear that he has a stanced punch combo special for delivering hard strikes to opponents at the end of a combo. He also seems to have a sort of command throw that can be used out of his teleport.

Akuma looks like he’s going to be strong as ever in Street Fighter 6. However, it wouldn’t be Akuma if he didn’t have the Raging Demon (Shun Goku Satsu). Indeed, it acts as a second Level 3 Super Move for Akuma. The move is discussed in a post on the PlayStation Blog where it is revealed that in addition to being Akuma’s second Level 3 move, his life bar must be below a certain level before players can use it. Nonetheless, it looks as devastating as ever to opponents that get hit by it.

With Akuma closing out Street Fighter 6’s Year One DLC at the end of May, it should be an exciting end to the game’s first run of characters. Even so, that also means Year 2 can’t be far over the horizon. Stay tuned for more fighting game news, and check out other stories from EVO Japan 2024 right here at Shacknews.

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