Saber Interactive CEO confirms studio is still working on KOTOR remake

Matthew Karch confirmed that the KOTOR remake is still under Saber's development following the break with Embracer and that the project is 'alive and well.'


Between layoffs, closing studios, and cutting ties, it’s been a chaotic time for game organizations involved with Embracer, and Saber Interactive is no exception. The group may have cut ties with Embracer, but there was still a lot left in the air, such as the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake that it (and at a one time, Aspyr) had been working on. Even before Saber cut ties with Embracer, word was mum on the Knights of the Old Republic remake, but Saber CEO Matthew Karch recently broke that silence, confirming that the remake is still in development and moving forward.

Karch confirmed these details in a recent interview with IGN, where he spoke to the KOTOR remake’s state. Most importantly, Karch confirmed that the project stayed with Saber Interactive when it split with Embracer Group and is still in development:

The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake logo
Saber Interactive boss Matthew Karch confirmed that the KOTOR remake is definitely still in development at Saber.
Source: PlayStation

While this doesn’t say too much about the game other than it’s still being worked on, that’s more information than we’ve got in quite a long time. The last time the KOTOR remake was brought up, it was after a supposedly bad demo by Aspyr for LucasFilm and Sony led to Saber stepping up to supposedly take over development. Outside of that, news on Saber’s Knights of the Old Republic has been rather quiet.

That said, with Karch’s confirmation that the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake is still in development, it may hopefully be a matter of waiting for the dust to settle in the wake of Saber’s split from Embracer Group. With that in mind, stay tuned as we await further updates and news.

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