Saber Interactive rumored to be taking over KOTOR remake from Aspyr

Mumblings that Saber Interactive may be taking the KOTOR remake reins from Aspyr Media have started to circulate.


If the rumors flying around today are to be believed it would seem that the force is no longer with Aspyr Media. The Austin, TX-based development team is alleged to not be working on the highly-anticipated remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic anymore. Supposedly, one of Saber Interactive’s Eastern European studios will now be taking the helm and looking to finish the job that Aspyr began.

An image of Darth Revan, antagonist of the original Knights of the Old Republic game.
If the rumors are true Saber Interactive is now developing the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake.
Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

The news comes via a report on Bloomberg that claims an anonymous source at one of the studios tipped them off to the transition. If the rumor is true, it would not be that shocking as Aspyr recently announced that work on the KOTOR remake was being paused for the moment. And that pause was hot off the tail of both the art director and design director being fired from the project.

The transition of the project from Aspyr to Saber was supposedly hinted at last week when Embracer, the parent company of both studios, stated in a financial report that one of their triple-A titles was being moved from one studio to another over quality concerns. Embracer claims that whatever game is being transitioned, KOTOR remake or not, is still on track to make its release date. At this point when that release date will actually happen is still unknown as well. We haven’t seen or heard much about the remake since its announcement last year, and if today’s rumors are true, it still may be some time before we see more KOTOR.

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