GameStop (GME) reports 75.3 million directly registered shares (DRS) as of March 20, 2024

GameStop's latest SEC filing showed an increased number of directly registered shares from last quarter.


GameStop (GME) reported in with its earnings report for Q4 2023, as well as the 2023 fiscal year as a whole. There was also a report on the status of its directly registered shares of Class A common stock. GameStop reported in with 75.3 million directly registered shares (DRS) of its stock dating back to March 20.

The following is taken from GameStop's latest SEC filing on page 17:

Our Class A Common Stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") under the symbol "GME". As of March 20, 2024, there were 305,873,200 shares of our Class A common stock outstanding. Of those outstanding shares, approximately 230.6 million were held by Cede & Co on behalf of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (or approximately 75% of our outstanding shares) and approximately 75.3 million shares of our Class A common stock were held by registered holders with our transfer agent (or approximately 25% of our outstanding shares).

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This DRS number is higher than the one reported from the previous quarter. There are several other news items coming from the latest GameStop earnings report, including the company missing on revenue expectations. We're in the middle of breaking down Tuesday's earnings on the Shacknews Twitch channel, so be sure to check that out right now. Those who can't can head over to the Shacknews YouTube channel to watch our livestream on-demand.

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