Pocketpair is working towards releasing Palworld on more platforms

Though still in early access, Pocketpair is already in talks to release Palworld on more platforms than just PC and Xbox.

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Palworld has done ridiculously well and been downloaded millions of times on PC and Xbox, but Pocketpair wants to expand the game’s reach and is in talks to do just that. The developer enjoyed massive amounts of attention in January and early February, and it is using that momentum for ambitious new goals. Pocketpair's CEO Takuro Mizobe recently shared that Pocketpair is attempting to prepare for release on further platforms like PlayStation. More than that, he also shared Pocketpair is open to partnership or acquisition offers.

Mizobe spoke to future plans and ambitions for Palworld and Pocketpair in a recent chat with Bloomberg. Following the game’s runaway success in January, Palworld has brought “tens of billions of yen” in profit to Pocketpair on a game that cost 1 billion yen to develop, or around $6.7 million USD. On the back of that success, Mizobe said the team is already talking with various platforms about expanding Palworld’s release, though he didn’t specify at this time whether that would be PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or mobile devices.

A player riding on an alpaca-like pal in Palworld
Palworld had incredible success in January, and while its popularity has tapered off, it continues to be a popular game with over 100,000 players on at any given time.
Source: Pocketpair

Interestingly, Mizobe also shared that Pocketpair might be open to partnerships or acquisition, should a bigger company court them. He added that Pocketpair isn’t in acquisition talks with Microsoft at this time despite landing on Game Pass and ending up as its biggest third-party launch title ever. At that time, the game was also reported to have crossed 19 million combined downloads on Steam and Xbox, and has crossed several more millions since.

Palworld is still in early access right now, so it feels unlikely we’ll see the game on other platforms too soon. Even then, a Nintendo Switch port feels unlikely due to its proximity to Pokemon. Nonetheless, as the game works towards a Version 1.0 release, we’re likely to see more talk of further platforms. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story for more updates.

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