Microsoft signs multi-year deal with Mistral AI

Microsoft intends to support Mistral's development and innovation of large language models (LLM) with the help of its Azure services.


Microsoft has made another major move in the AI space, this time collaborating with French tech firm Mistral AI to support and boost its innovations and research in AI technology. The companies announced their deal, with Microsoft promising to supply Mistral with all of the benefits of its Azure network and services to be able to develop and research the latest in large language models (LLM).

Microsoft and Mistral AI announced their partnership in a press release on Microsoft Azure’s blog. With the partnership, Microsoft and Mistral are pursuing three priorities: Microsoft will provide Mistral with its supercomputing infrastructure to provide scale and performance for its AI training and workloads. Microsoft will also provide Mistral with the capabilities of Azure to aid Mistral in promoting and selling its AI models on a global scale. Finally, Microsoft and Mistral will collaborate on new LLM and AI research and development.

Mistral AI's product offerings involving large language models (LLM)
Mistral AI is a French tech firm that specializes in the development of large language models (LLM) in for support and research of AI products.
Source: Microsoft

This marks the latest in a number of notable moves in the AI sector for Microsoft. The company has been investing big into the likes of OpenAI and ChatGPT, integrating the latter into Bing search queries. OpenAI is also similarly working on its own web search engine to compete with Google. Just as well, Microsoft is also investing in the development of security infrastructure and safeguards against illegal or controversial use of its AI products.

With the partnership with Mistral AI, Microsoft looks poised to continue to strengthen its stance in the hyped field of artificial intelligence. Stay tuned as we continue to follow for more Microsoft and AI news and updates.

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