Microsoft to integrate ChatGPT machine learning tech into Bing search queries

By utilizing ChatGPT's AI learning technology, Google aims to make Bing a more worthy competitor to Google's search engine dominance.


Bing has barely ever been on equal footing with Google when it comes to search engine dominance, but Microsoft might be using another technology to help change that soon. The company has announced plans to partner with OpenAI to integrate the AI learning technology of ChatGPT into Bing’s search query answers. By doing so, Microsoft is hoping to boost Bing’s dependability and provide more human-like responses and results to Bing searches.

Word of Microsoft and OpenAI’s collaboration to use ChatGPT to boost Bing’s capabilities were shared in a recent report by The Information. Apparently, Microsoft tapped OpenAI to aid in launching a version of Bing that utilizes the AI technology behind ChatGPT to answer certain search queries outright instead of just listing links to relevant web pages. Microsoft is hoping that the new version of Bing will launch around the end of March 2023 according to sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans. If successful, Microsoft could also expand this AI-learning tech to further functions and optimizations throughout Bing.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's tweet about ChatGPT
Despite Microsoft's efforts, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has concerns about the use of ChatGPT's tech for important purposes such as integration into Bing.
Source: Twitter

Microsoft has had a stake in the continued development of ChatGPT for several years. It was in 2019 that Microsoft made a sizeable $1 billion USD investment in ChatGPT developer OpenAI. Even so, while the possibilities of ChatGPT’s technology integrated into a search engine are promising, there are a few concerns based on ChatGPT’s previous performance. While the tech brought conversational AI into the mainstream spotlight, it also fumbled a bit when major flaws where exposed, such as learned racial biases and presenting false information as if it were true. As recent as December 2022, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said it was a “mistake to be relying on it for anything important right now.”

Nonetheless, it seems Microsoft is moving forward with the plan in short order. Whether or not this proves to be the shot in the arm Bing needs to compete with Google will remain to be seen. Stay tuned as we await further details leading up to the integration of ChatGPT tech into Bing in March.

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