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Want to know which are the best Stratagems in Helldivers 2? We've got the answers so you don't waste your Requisition slips.

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There are a ton of Stratagems in Helldivers 2, but only a few of them can be classified as the best. In our bid to spread democracy, freedom, and liberty throughout the system, we thought it best to get together our thoughts on which Stratagems you should consider taking. While there are some definite standouts below, we’ve also included some early-game options just in case you haven’t hit max level yet.

Best Stratagems

There are some 47 Stratagems in Helldivers 2 and while there are a few S-tier options, there are also a few duds out there that will con you out of your hard-earned Requisitions. To avoid wasting your precious resources, here are some of our top picks from each of the different sections of Stratagems. Check out our All Stratagems and input codes guide for information on when these unlock and how much they cost. There’s also our Levels & XP requirements table so you can see how much XP you need to hit Level 20.

Patriotic Administration Center

A Stratagem in the Patriotic Administration Center

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Expendable Anti-Tank

The Expendable Anti-Tank, or EAT-17 for short, is one of the most versatile, early-game Stratagems in Helldivers 2. This thing can take out some tough foes in a single hit, has a rapid call-in time, and a surprisingly low cooldown. The advantage with this is that you don’t have to waste a backpack slot for its ammo.


Though it might be outclassed by the Railgun (once you unlock it), the Autocannon puts in a shift in practically every situation. The explosive rounds mean you can take out groups of enemies while its damage output lets you knock down heavy units with relative ease.


Once you hit Level 20, unlock this and consider taking it on every single mission. Unless it gets a nerf, this thing will be your go-to once you enter any campaign above Extreme. Be careful when using the Unsafe firing mode, though it does deal more damage, you run the risk of blowing yourself up if you’re not careful.

Orbital Cannons

A Stratagem in the Orbital Cannons Ship Management screen

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Orbital Laser

The Orbital Laser is insanely powerful, but it has one massive drawback. Firstly, the good: It can clear waves of enemies or absolutely fry big bads into molten slag. Unfortunately, you can only use it three times before it is completely unavailable. That’s right, the Destroyer will not rearm, so use those charges wisely.

Orbital Railcannon Strike

The Orbital Railcannon Strike is the ultimate overkill weapon. It can nuke the toughest foes in the game with a single hit (sometimes two if it misses or only clips them) and it’s fast-firing. The only downside is its lengthy cooldown, meaning you’ll need to rely on your other Stratagems.


A Stratagem in the Hangar section of the Ship Management screen

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Eagle Airstrike

Cheap, fast, and super powerful, the Eagle Airstrike should be one of the first Stratagems you unlock, especially given it’s available at Level 2. This is a great option at any level, capable of quickly shredding through groups of foes.

Eagle 500KG Bomb

Deliver 1100 pounds of freedom to your foes and watch them evaporate. The Eagle 500KG Bomb is the Eagle equivalent of the Orbital Railcannon. The downside is obviously going to be the cooldown time and the time it takes to deploy, but it has the advantage of clearing out waves of enemies, destroying buildings, and nuking nests.


The Orbital Precision Strike in the Stratagem screen

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Orbital Precision Strike

This is likely the only one you’re going to need from the Bridge selection unless Arrowhead Game Studios decides to buff some of the others. This is cheap, available early on, and just reliable. You’ll use this for the majority of your early Helldiving career.

Engineering Bay

The Guard Dog Rover in the Engineering Bay Stratagem screen

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Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher is a neat early-game option while you wait to access the Autocannon. It can take down bug nests from a distance and can even handle waves of enemies or heavies. It also had the advantage of not needing a backpack.

Guard Dog Rover

Though it’s not the most powerful option out there, another gun in the fight is always good. Provided you don’t lose it, you’ll have it floating near you for an entire mission.

Shield Generator Pack

The Shield Generator Pack might be one of the best Stratagems in the game thanks to the added protection. Sure, it takes up your backpack slot, but it will keep you alive. Once you hit Level 20, this and the Railcannon will likely stay glued to you at all times.

Robotics Workshop

The Gatling Sentry Stratagem in the Robotics Workshop Ship Management screen

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Gatling Sentry

While it can be outclassed by other sentries, this is a classic piece of hardware that still manages to shred through waves. Consider getting it early and using it often. Just remember to defend it, lest it gets swarmed by foes and broken.

Mortar Sentry

The Mortar Sentry is a little beast that will rain down pain on your enemies. It will lob shots over terrain, across gaps, and will otherwise remove enemies you cannot see. This is best used in combination with the Gatling Sentry or EMS Mortar Sentry. Just be aware it is so stupid. It’ll unleash hell on a bug that is right beside you, annihilating you in the process.

EMS Mortar Sentry

Pair this with the Mortar Sentry for devastating effect. Anything caught in the EMS will be slowed, which will let the Mortar Sentry clean ‘em up. This isn’t the best one on its own, so only get it if you’re prepared to run it with the Mortar Sentry. It’s quite effective against the Automatons.

While these are what we classify as the best Stratagems in Helldivers 2, there are several other options out there that perform well in combat. You don’t need to run the best stuff, especially if you’re just looking to have fun. But for those that want to spend their Requisition slips wisely, consider getting these Stratagems before the others. Take a look at our Helldivers 2 page for more guides to assist in your liberation of the galaxy.

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