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Learn how many other players you can bring along with you for some co-op fun in Helldivers 2.

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Helldivers 2 is best experienced with friends. There’s nothing quite like partying up and blasting down to a bug- or robot-infested planet to spread democracy. Before you go rounding up your friends, it’s worth knowing how many players can play Helldivers 2 co-operatively. Because there is a maximum party size, you’ll want to make sure everyone gets a seat at the table.

Helldivers 2 max co-op party size

Helldivers 2 has a maximum co-op party size of four players. This means you and three other friends can squad up and dive into a mission together. With a full squad, you should be able to begin playing tougher and tougher difficulty levels. Though, you’ll want to save the really hard ones for when you move through the levels and unlock all the Stratagems.

Two Helldivers share a moment in the middle of battle
Helldivers 2 is four-player co-op, though you can play missions with fewer than four people.
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While four players is the maximum size, you can have fewer than four people playing in a group. You can have three players, two, or even do missions completely solo. There’s nothing stopping you from attempting the Helldive difficulty solo either – it’ll just be tough as nails.

Though not impossible, it is unlikely that Arrowhead Game Studios will increase the party size. The first Helldivers was limited to four players and there’s a good chance it will remain that way for Helldivers 2, no matter how fun it might be to squad up with a dozen friends.

Now that you know how many players can jump into a co-op game of Helldivers 2, you can hopefully plan out your gaming sessions and convince some friends to join the fight for Super Earth. Spend some time looking over our Helldivers 2 page to find other helpful guides as well as the latest news and patch notes.

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