How to get the Anti-Material Rifle - Helldivers 2

Get your hands on the Anti-Material Rifle and become the ultimate sniper in Helldivers 2.

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The Anti-Material Rifle is one of the many types of weapons you can use in Helldivers 2. This thing is a sort of sniper rifle weapon, albeit capable of taking down enemies in a single shot, regardless of where you hit them. While it does have some drawbacks, you will no doubt find yourself using it from time to time, especially if you have a personal order to do so.

How to get the Anti-Material Rifle

The Anti-Material Rifle Stratagem is first available to purchase at Level 2. Once you hit this rank, you can purchase it from the Ship Management terminal for 5,000 R. This is rather expensive for what you will quickly realize is a weapon that is outclassed by nearly every other option. While it can be useful in the early ranks, as you attempt tougher missions you’ll be leaning toward other support weaponry.

The ship management screen showing the anti-material rifle stratagem
Buy it if you absolutely need it, otherwise save for something better, like the Railgun.
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If you do not want to purchase the Anti-Material Rifle just to complete an order, you can always find them during missions. The caveat here is that it is entirely random whether or not you will get one. You might find an Anti-Material Rifle, but you are just as likely to find a Machine Gun, Stalwart, or even an Arc Thrower. You can generally find Anti-Material Rifles by using grenades to open up half-buried shipping containers, pressing the double-button doors, or simply around compounds.

In the event you absolutely need an Anti-Material Rifle, you might first try to find one during a mission. Failing this, you could ask your fellow Helldivers if someone else already has it unlocked – this way you can keep saving for other Stratagems. Finally, purchase it and then just keep saving.

Though the Anti-Material Rifle isn’t the worst one in the game, it’s definitely not one of the best Stratagems in Helldivers 2. Take a look over our Helldivers 2 page for more tips on surviving the brutal conditions across the galaxy.

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