Black screen fix - Helldivers 2

What to do if you're stuck on a black screen in Helldivers 2 when you launch it.

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Helldivers 2 has reached an overwhelming number of players, and as such, the popularity has put some strain on the servers and scaling. This has led to a few problems, with the latest being a black screen when signing into Helldivers 2. For those that are stuck staring at their own reflection in the Helldiver 2 black screen and are hoping for a fix, we’ve got some good news.

Black screen issue – Helldivers 2

As wild as this sounds, the Helldivers 2 black screen fix is simply to wait. Being told to have patience isn’t exactly the most alluring tip but it is literally how I managed to move past the black screen. After a few minutes, the black screen faded and the introduction cinematic started playing. This means all you need to do is keep the game open and it will eventually move past the black screen.

The server capacity notification for Helldivers 2
Wait at the black screen for a few minutes and you'll get to the next screen, where you'll need to wait some more (or hopefully be let in immediately).
Source: Shacknews

While waiting a few minutes will solve this problem, the next problem is actually gaining access to Helldivers 2. You can skip the cinematic and then you’ll be sat facing the login screen. It’s here where you’ll encounter the other issues involving server capacity. Take a look at our Helldivers 2 server status guide for some help, but the short of it is that – again – you’ll just need to be patient.

With the popularity of Helldivers 2 continuing to climb, these server based problems are likely going to continue until the team at Arrowhead Game Studios can work with the hosting company to solve the issues. The good news in all of this is that the developers are actively working on fixes and communicating with you, the players, about what to expect.

You won’t be stuck on the black screen in Helldivers 2 for long. Just give it a few minutes and you should be moved along to the next screen. Now that this is all sorted, swing by our Helldivers 2 page for more information like Stratagem codes and XP tables.

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