Helldivers 2 matchmaking & server status

Is Helldivers 2 down? Check the server status of Arrowhead Game Studios' high octane co-op game and whether there's any scheduled maintenance on the horizon.

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While lots of players are having fun, there are those who are wondering whether the Helldivers 2 servers are down. Unfortunately, sometimes the servers go down for maintenance (sometimes scheduled, other times not) or sometimes you’ll run into matchmaking errors unrelated to the server status. Here are some things you can try to diagnose and fix the problem so you can get back into spreading democracy.

Helldivers 2 matchmaking & server status

A group of Helldivers fight bugs on a snowy hill

Source: Arrowhead Game Studios

If you’ve played an online game before, you know that server issues are to be expected, especially with something as popular as Helldivers 2. The best way to stay informed about the online status of the game is to go directly to the Helldivers 2 Twitter account (now X). The team at Arrowhead Game Studios keeps it updated with the latest news, including critical information about the server status health and downtime.

The above post, made on February 11, 2024, is one such example of the team informing players when there is scheduled maintenance. Backend server maintenance shouldn’t require you to download anything new, that’s typically reserved for hotfixes and patches.

Another thing to keep in mind when you experience server or matchmaking issues when attempting to play Helldivers 2 is that the game is incredibly popular. The CEO of Arrowhead and the Creative Director of Helldivers 2 took to Twitter to inform players about the server problems the team has been experiencing. In the post, Johan Pilestedt notes that there was a rate limiter of 20,000 users a minute, with the total capacity of concurrent players increased to 360,000 from 250,000. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), this new capacity was reached in 5 and a half minutes. What this all means is that if the player limit has been reached, you’ll need to wait until someone logs out before you can log in.

Players may also encounter a few other problems like friends list not loading or rewards not dropping. As the social tab says, please wait democratically. Give your friends list some time to load and rest assured knowing that you will get your rewards.

Now that you’re armed with information about the Helldivers 2 server status, you should be able to recognize whether there is server maintenance or some other problem. In the event it’s your game, all you can do is reboot, repair, and stay patient. Take a look at our Helldivers 2 page for more information.

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