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The best breeding calculators and all the different combination of Pals and their offspring in Palworld.


Breeding is one of the most complex mechanics in Palworld. While knowing how to breed Pals together is simple, there is a whole lot of mathematics that goes into fully fledged breeding programs. There are several excellent resources out there to help you figure out what to breed and how, but we’ve got a couple of our favorites for you below.

Breeding Calculators & Combos

A player breeds together two cow-like Pals
While you can breed together two of the same Pals to get another one, there are more complex breeding combinations to get differnt Pals!
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Palworld lets you breed together any two Pals in order to create a new Pal. While you can breed two of the same together to get another exactly the same as the first, you can also breed two completely different Pals together to get a third, completely different Pal. Here are two resources you should use when trying to breed Pals:

  1. Palworld Breeding Combos & Calculator by Fluffydiluc
  2. All Breeding Combos Google Sheet by blahable (File > Make A Copy)

The first calculator is by Reddit user Fluffydiluc. Their calculator lets you put in the Pal you want to end up with and tells you a list of every single Pal that breeds together to yield the result. The other option is to state what is Parent 1 and then it spits out a list of all available offspring it can generate.

The second link is a comprehensive Google Sheet by Reddit user blahable. Make sure you click File and then Make A Copy so you can tinker with the tables. This document includes all combinations, a calculator, unique combos, as well as in-depth information on attributes.

This user has an exhaustive explanation for how the breeding system in Palworld works, so definitely give that a read. However, here’s the short of it: Every Pal in the game has a specific number and when you breed two Pals together the game adds those numbers together and then divides that in half. The number you’re left with is the Pal you will get.

There are also several unique Pals that can only be bred using one or two specific combinations. What this means is that if you don’t want to find and tame them in the wild, you will need to either get the same parents or get the other two different types of Pals in order to make them.

For example, the Orserk can only be bred by using two Orserks or by breeding together a Grizzbolt and Relaxaurus. No other combinations exist. Here’s blahable’s table that shows these unique Pal combos.

Unique Pal breeding combos
Parent 1 Parent 2 Result
Relaxaurus Sparkit Relaxaurus Lux
Incineram Maraith Incineram Noct
Mau Pengullet Mau Cryst
Vanwyrm Foxcicle Vanwyrm Cryst
Eikthyrdeer Hangyu Eikthyrdeer Terra
Elphidran Surfent Elphidran Aqua
Pyrin Katress Pyrin Noct
Mammorest Wumpo Mammorest Cryst
Mossanda Grizzbolt Mossanda Lux
Dinossom Rayhound Dinossom Lux
Jolthog Pengullet Jolthog Cryst
Frostallion Helzephyr Frostallion Noct
Kingpaca Reindrix Kingpaca Cryst
Lyleen Menasting Lyleen Noct
Leezpunk Flambelle Leezpunk Ignis
Blazehowl Felbat Blazehowl Noct
Robinquill Fuddler Robinquill Terra
Broncherry Fuack Broncherry Aqua
Surfent Dumud Surfent Terra
Gobfin Rooby Gobfin Ignus
Suzaku Jormuntide Suzaku Aqua
Reptyro Foxcicle Reptyro Cryst
Hangyu Swee Hangyu Cryst
Mossanda Petallia Lyleen
Vanwyrm Anubis Faleris
Mossanda Rayhound Grizzbolt
Grizzbolt Relaxaurus Orserk
Kitsun Astegon Shadowbeak

While the basics of breeding Pals are simple, as you can see, there is a lot of complexity that comes with acquiring all of the Pals through breeding. Use the above breeding calculators and combo tables so you know what you’re going to wind up with when your two Pals dive into the hay. Swing by our Palworld Strategy Guide for more insights and tips.

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