Fortnite Festival is the next music game from the makers of Rock Band

Years after being acquired by Epic Games, Harmonix's next project is happening within Fortnite.

Epic Games

It has just a little over two years since Harmonix, the studio behind music games like Rock Band and Fuser, was acquired by Epic Games. During Saturday's Fortnite Big Bang event, fans got to see what was next for the studio. It turns the team's next project is a music game with the Fortnite name on it. It's called Fortnite Festival and it's set to release next week.

"Fortnite Festival is a new music game where players can play in a band with friends or perform solo on stage with hit music by their favorite artists," reads the Epic Games website. "Built by Harmonix, the studio behind the iconic music game Rock Band, Festival marks the beginning of music gaming in Fortnite."

The Weeknd will be part of Fortnite Festival's opening weekend.

Source: Epic Games

Beyond being one of the biggest games in the world, Fortnite has also become a destination for the occasional concert. In fact, Eminem performed at Fortnite's Big Bang event earlier today. Epic and Harmonix hope to bring that pedigree along to Fortnite Festival and will kick it off in a big way with The Weeknd popping up as the game's first Music Icon.

Few other details are available at the moment. This is certainly Harmonix's biggest project following its acquisition from Epic back in November 2021. With that said, this is the team to bet on when it comes to music games, as the team has released games like the aforementioned Rock Band, 2020's Fuser, 2019 VR music venture Audica, and many more.

Expect to hear more details, including anything regarding gameplay, in the days ahead. Fortnite Festival will launch on Saturday, December 9. It will be playable within Fortnite on all of Fortnite's supported platforms.

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