Another Pod: Do Not Relent! on World of Warcraft BlizzCon reveals & staying fresh

We caught up to hosts of World of Warcraft podcast Another Pod: Do Not Relent! to get their thoughts on WoW reveals at BlizzCon 2023!


BlizzCon 2023 was, for many, a return to form for Blizzard Entertainment. The event has had a few slow and low years when it wasn’t canceled outright, but this year marked a wealth of interesting reveals, especially for World of Warcraft. It just so happens that the Another Pod: Do Not Relent! podcast, composed of hosts Immunization, Slidewhistle, and Aaron, were there to take it all in, and we got to catch up and talk to them about all of it, plus some tips on how they keep their show fresh for fellow World of Warcraft fans.

A big part of what makes Another Pod: Do Not Relent! possible is a regular amount of content for the team to discuss. A difference of opinions is also what makes Another Pod work. The three hosts have different tastes and it makes for good debate and conversation. Thankfully, Blizzard brought the goods this year when it announced not one, not two, but three expansions for the popular MMO.

The trio appreciates the roadmap ahead for Blizzard, claiming that making sure there are interesting topics to address based on what’s happening in WoW is a huge part of what goes into the podcast. With the Worldsoul Saga announced, there should be plenty to talk about. In fact, it was some of Another Pod’s favorite parts of BlizzCon. The hosts shared that it was a little overwhelming to see so much content in the works and speculation began as to what it means for the future of the game. Are we on the cusp of World of Warcraft 2.0? Universe of Warcraft? Another Pod: Do Not Relent! doesn't quite know that answer, but the team is looking forward to finding out as the saga Starts with The War Within expansion in 2024.

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