Payday 3 updates have been stalled by a 'backend' issue that could affect progression

In a recent developer update video, Starbreeze claimed it must fix a critical issue before it can push new updates through.


Starbreeze Studios has had no lack of trouble trying to bring Payday 3 to the level that players expect out of the game since launch, and it looks like it’s not getting easier thanks to a critical backend issue that could affect player saves and progression. In a recent developer update, Starbreeze addressed the lack of updates, claiming that this critical issue has stalled updates. The team is looking to fix the issue without doing harm to player progression, but is still working on a fix at the moment.

Starbreeze Studios shared details of the issue affecting Payday 3 and planned updates in a recent developer video posted on the Payday YouTube.

There, Payday 3 producer Andreas Häll-Penninger addressed the matter in full:

Payday 3’s first major update has faced two delays at this point, and it seems more than likely we’re looking at another setback until the issue mentioned is fixed. This has come on top of compounded frustration in the community due to Payday 3 being always online and the multitude of bugs affecting the game.

Starbreeze Studios has continually promised that Payday 3 is on its way to much-requested fixes, but time is ticking. It will remain to be seen if their fixes will pay off and bring Payday fans back, but stay tuned as we await further updates on the game.

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      November 15, 2023 10:49 AM

      Rough launch. Hope they figure it out.

    • reply
      November 15, 2023 11:06 AM

      I thought they fixed that issue and it is was the reason the first patch was delayed so much, and not that it was still an issue. They've said yesterday this month we're supposed to be getting

      Two Legacy Heists (Cook Off and Turbid Station)
      The Transporter skill line
      Brand new first person interaction animations
      Weapon inspect animations
      Added Infamy Points to heist payouts
      The "Under Wraps" mask
      The "Compact7 Lycan" preset weapon
      New music by composer Gustavo Coutinho
      Optimisation improvements
      200+ bug fixes and many balancing and quality of life improvements

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