Payday 3's first major patch has been delayed for a second time

Starbreeze Studios has pushed Payday 3's first big update back to fix newly emerged issues and make future patches easier to deploy.

Image via Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 has certainly had itself a stumble out of the gate for launch, and Starbreeze continues to try to correct course, but it sounds like it’s going to be a bit longer before the game’s first major update lands. Where Payday 3’s first major patch was delayed earlier this month, Starbreeze announced this week that the patch will be delayed again. Not only is it fixing some newly discovered issues, but it will be smoothing out its patch process to ensure future updates are more easily delivered.

Starbreeze Studios announced the latest details with the upcoming Payday 3 update via the Payday Twitter this week. According to the tweet thread, Starbreeze discovered new and prominent issues when testing its upcoming patch that pushed the developer to delay the patch so it could fix them.

“We’re sorry for the lack of communication regarding the first patch,” the tweets read. “We have identified some issues that need to be fixed before we can bring it to you, but rest assured that this is the main priority for our teams.”

Starbreeze Studios tweets about delaying Payday 3's first major patch
Starbreeze is delaying Payday 3's patch to address newly found issues and smooth out the patch process for easier deployment of future updates.
Source: Starbreeze Studios

Starbreeze goes on to say that it hopes by smoothing out this first major update for Payday 3, it hopes to make deployment of future patches a smoother process.

“We're spending additional time revamping our patching process to ensure that we can have a steady cadence and momentum with patches going forward,” Starbreeze continued. “We are careful with giving you an ETA right now, as we want to make sure we can deliver before we do so.”

Payday 3 has had no lack of stumbles since it came out in September. From the online matchmaking issues to always-online requirements stifling any kind of offline play, Starbreeze has had to play a lot of catch-up to bring the game to a more stable place. Many players are anxious to see the first update in hopes that it will sort out many of the major issues and bugs still affecting the game.

Unfortunately, it seems we’ll be waiting a bit longer for those first big Payday 3 patch notes. Stay tuned as we continue to follow the game for further news and updates.

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