CD Projekt RED announces The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt mod editor coming in 2024

CDPR announced that it is creating an official editor to allow PC players to adjust Witcher 3 to their liking.

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An official Witcher 3: Wild Hunt mod editor is in development. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is no stranger to mods, with its pages on communities like Nexus Mods having amassed over 300 pages of user-created content, tweaks, and adjustments. However, CD Projekt RED is about to release something official for mod creators and users in the game, and this project is expected to launch sometime in 2024.

CD Projekt RED announced The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt mod editor in a post on the official Witcher Twitter this week. According to CDPR, the mod editor is in the works now and will allow users to “create your own experiences in the game by making something completely new or editing existing quests and content.” Unfortunately, this will be confined to the PC platform. However, it will available for free once ready and is expected to release to the public in 2024.

CD Projekt RED's tweet about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt getting an official mod editor
CD Projekt RED promises it will have more details to share about its official Witcher 3 mod editor in 2024.
Source: CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 3 has a robust mod community already. A look at its Nexus Mods page shows thousands of options, many of which are grouped into bundles that help with overhauling the game to players’ likings. It will be interesting to see what kind of changes the official mod editor brings to the modding process for The Witcher 3 on PC. It’s also a little disappointing that it will remain confined to PC when other official mod options are allowing mods on consoles with restrictions such as code adjustments and custom asset uploading.

That said, an official The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt mod editor sounds like quite the undertaking. As we await more details about it in 2024, stay tuned for updates here at Shacknews.

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    November 15, 2023 7:52 AM

    TJ Denzer posted a new article, CD Projekt RED announces The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt mod editor coming in 2024

    • reply
      November 15, 2023 7:59 AM

      I love these kind of announcements because you get a window into what the studio is working on. W3 has been done for a while, so I can only assume that they're spending all this time and money on a (commercially) dead game because it helps them in some other way. I suspect that this is groundwork for a feature that will come out of the box in Witcher 4.

      Exciting stuff!

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        November 15, 2023 8:31 AM

        Possible these tools would also translate over to CP2077 with additions and tweaks since that's also using their RED Engine, the new Witcher games are using UE5, however.

        Though maybe they are integrating parts of their own tech into UE5 to make for a better transition on their end. Idk

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      November 15, 2023 8:06 AM

      what it needs then is an AI voice of Geralt / main actors...

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