Where to find Thrumbo - Baldur's Gate 3

Find Thrumbo in Baldur's Gate 3 and then decide whether you want to help him or Mystic Carrion.


Finding Thrumbo in Baldur’s Gate 3 is no easy task. This little zombie fellow has done a tremendous job of hiding, which is warranted given how badly Mystic Carrion wants him back. If you’re sick of running around the Lower City, searching beaches, and looking for other zombies to speak with, jump straight to the good bit: Thrumbo’s location.

Where to find Thrumbo

Thrumbo is found in a small house to the northeast (right) of Philgrave’s Mansion in the Lower City (where Mystic Carrion resides). The house is overlooking the beach where you were likely ambushed by some sahuagin. Go up the steps to the house and open the door (there will also be some vines you can climb down to the door). Thrumbo is in the wardrobe.

Thrumbo's location circled on the map of the Lower City
Thrumbo is found in the small building to the right of Philgrave's Manor. Search the wardrobe!
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You can reach this house by walking down the steps outside Philgrave’s Mansion and along the beach or by using the Heapside Strand waypoint and walking along the street. It’s the small house, right at the end, with a little balcony and a boat in the water near the tunnel. Once you find Thrumbo, you can decide what to do with him.

In terms of what I think you should do, if you’re trying to be good, you can help Thrumbo, defeat Mystic Carrion, and still save the artist, Oskar Fevras. Thrumbo and his zombie pals will be thankful, and you can loot all of Mystic Carrion’s goodies, which include a few items useful for spellcasters.

After finding Thrumbo, you’ll be one step closer to reaching the end of the game. There’s still more loose ends to tie up, including Shadowheart’s questline which involves working out how to unlock the Threshold of Loss. Take a look over our Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide for more assistance finding people, places, and things.

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