IO Interactive hopes to make multiple James Bond 007 games

Co-owner Hakan Abrak hopes players will enjoy its upcoming title enough to open the doors to a multi-game 007 series.

Image via IO Interactive

One of the most exciting things on the horizon from IO Interactive is the James Bond 007 game it’s working on, but if IO has its way, the developer wouldn’t mind giving it the Hitman World of Assassination treatment. In a recent interview, Hakan Abrak and Christian Elverdam spoke of IO’s progress and approach to the game and shared that, if fans enjoy it, they would love to do multiple 007 titles.

IO management shared these thoughts in a recent interview with Edge Magazine, as shared by PC Gamer. In said interview, Abrak and Elverdam were adamant that IO Interactive didn’t just take the 007 IP to make a quick buck as that’s not the nature of the studio. It wanted to do something good with James Bond where the devs feel previous games have missed the mark. Elverdam mentions that making a game that didn’t just do violence and offered different approaches like Hitman was a big part of what let them win the James Bond IP holders over in the first place.

“That helped us convince the EON Group that there's a sophistication in how we treat the agent fantasy,” Elverdam said.

IO Interactive's Hitman 3 with Agent 47 taking aim with a sniper rifle over an F1 race track.
There's little doubt that Hitman helped IO Interactive build the rep for an immersive stealth sandbox, but whether it will translate successfully for 007 remains to be seen.
Source: IO Interactive

It’s more than just giving James Bond a sandbox to play with in his missions, though. Abrak goes on to share that the studio would be happy to do more games with the James Bond IP if fans enjoy what they’re doing with it.

“I would love players to look back on multiple Bond games by IO and go, ‘Wow, that was quite a journey!’,” says Abrak.

It wouldn’t be the first time IO has toyed with the idea of making the 007 project a series. Obviously, a major factor in that is fan response, but IO Interactive certainly seems up to the task if the entire Hitman World of Assassination series is any indication. After all, we’re not getting another Hitman game for a while.

Whatever happens, ambitions seem high for IO’s take on 007. More than three years after its announcement, we look forward to seeing any new updates on the game and will share them as they drop.

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