PlayStation 5 has sold 46.6 million units since launch

Sony's massively popular PS5 console has sold 4.9 million units in Q2, up 1.6 million from Q1.


PlayStation 5 has maintained its popularity with players and continues to be a hot-selling item for Sony. The company has revealed how many PS5 units have sold in its second quarter, which brings the total lifetime sales to 46.6 million units.

A table showing the PS5 hardware sales per quarter

Source: Sony

Sony revealed on November 8, 2023, that the PlayStation 5 has sold 4.9 million units in Q2 FY23, which brings the total number of units sold to 46.6 million units. This information was made available in its Supplemental Information document. Below you can see the units sold over the various financial years including the last two quarters.

  • FY2020: 7.8 million units sold
  • FY2021: 11.5 million units sold
  • FY2022: 19.1 million units sold
  • FY2023 Q1: 3.3 million units sold
  • FY2023 Q2: 4.9 million units sold

It was just in July 2023 that Sony celebrated surpassing 40 million units sold. “Despite the unprecedented challenges of COVID, our teams and our partners worked diligently to deliver PS5 on time,” Sony CEO Jim Ryan wrote. “We continued to face headwinds with the pandemic, and it took months for supply chains to normalize so we could have the inventory to keep up with demand.”

The figures Sony released today shows that the PlayStation 5 has sold more in Q2 in FY2023 than both FY2022 and FY2021. Both of the previous years the PS5 sold 3.3 million units in Q2. Sony also revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 sold 5 million copies in 11 days. Check out our Sony page for more information on the company’s earnings reports.

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