New Nintendo patents tease a DS-like handheld that separates into two pieces

Nintendo's recently filed patents have fans curious about possible new gimmicks and tech in the successor to the Switch.


Recent patents filed by Nintendo have raised some eyebrows and speculation about future platforms from the Mario developer. With the company almost certainly working on the follow-up to the popular Nintendo Switch console, eyes have been peeled for any sign of the form that might take. However, these patents suggest something rather outlandish: a handheld platform similar to the Nintendo DS that would be able to split into two detachable pieces.

Patents for this technology filed by Nintendo were spotted on the World Intellectual Property Organization website, as reported by GameRant and users on ResetEra. According to the Patents, Nintendo seems to be prototyping a device and technology that would amount to something similar to a DS. It would feature dual screens for interactivity and play like the DS, as well as folding up clamshell style. However, it would also feature the option to detach and separate, allowing players to play on the gamepad and bottom screen while setting the screen elsewhere.

Nintendo patents showing a handheld device that features multiple screens and can be separated into multiple pieces
Nintendo's new tech patents suggest a handheld device similar to the DS, but one that can separate into multiple pieces.
Source: WIPO

Obviously, a patent doesn’t necessarily mean that something is definitely in production, nor does it mean we’d see the fruits of that patent in the same form. However, it still continues to add fuel to the conversation of exactly what Nintendo is up to with its next gaming device. At this point, the development of a new Nintendo console is all but confirmed by the Big N itself.

Even so, it will still likely be a while before we see whatever Nintendo is up to in official capacity. The company has already affirmed that it will be supporting the current Nintendo Switch platform through March 2025. Even so, the wealth of flagship Nintendo titles out and on the way such as Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Princess Peach: Showtime, and more have many wondering just how far off a new console is. Nonetheless, Nintendo’s patents suggest some very interesting tech in development at the company. Stay tuned as we continue to follow for further details.

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