Hideki Kamiya says Project GG's fate is in PlatinumGames' hands

When asked about what would happen to the game, Kamiya directed fans to 'ask Platinum about Platinum.'


One of the biggest questions to come out of the exit of Hideki Kamiya from PlatinumGames was what would happen to Project GG. Kamiya and PlatinumGames first debuted the game in 2020, showing what looked like it would be an action game with giant monsters and heroes. However, we’ve seen little since the original reveal, and it seems it’s out of Kamiya’s hands now. When asked about Project GG (which he was directing), Kamiya directed fans to ask PlatinumGames about it.

Hideki Kamiya shared this response in relation to a fan question about Project GG, which he answered to on his personal Twitter. Specifically, a fan asked what would happen to Project GG now that Kamiya is leaving PlatinumGames. To this, Kamiya responded quite plainly, “Ask Platinum about Platinum…”

Based on this response, it seems pretty clear that Kamiya has washed his hands of the matter, for better or worse, and that Project GG’s fate is now entirely at the whims of the leadership of PlatinumGames.

Hideki Kamiya's Twitter response on the state of Project GG.
Hideki Kamiya could not say whether Project GG was canceled or not following his departure from PlatinumGames and instead directed fans to ask the studio about it.
Source: Hideki Kamiya

We know very little about Project GG beyond its initial trailer. The game was first revealed in 2020, soon after PlatinumGames received investment from Tencent and used it to expand the developer with the launch of various projects, the opening of a second office, and more. At the time, Kamiya claimed that Project GG was meant to be the opening of a new chapter for PlatinumGames, since it was one of the few original games Platinum was not assisting another studios with - the company was creating Project GG entirely solo. However, even Kamiya has previously admitted that the scope of the game expanded beyond what he initially envisioned.

Nonetheless, PlatinumGames itself has little to say about Project GG just yet. In a statement to Video Games Chronicle, the studio said it “cannot disclose any further information regarding Kamiya’s departure other than what we announced on [Twitter].” It would seem things are still up in the air following Hideki Kamiya’s exit, but it also sounds like Project GG isn’t quite dead even without Kamiya in the Director’s chair. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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