Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO 2023 champion Hikari on winning & what comes next

When the dust settled at EVO 2023's Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament, Hikari stood as the champion. We caught up to him to chat right after his tournament victory.


EVO 2023 may have come and gone earlier this month, but the results were riveting nonetheless, such as Josiah "Hikari" Miller’s win in Dragon Ball FighterZ. There was an enormous amount of talent and varied teams in the Top 6 of the DBFZ tournament, and they had to get through a pool of 838 overall competitors to get there. However, when all was said and done, Hikari had the last laugh, taking it all in a close finish over Yasha. We got to talk with Hikari briefly about what put him over the top, what comes next in his competitive efforts, and how he feels about the upcoming year in the FGC.

Hikari was mostly happy to prove to his friends and family that he could be a champion at one of the grandest stages of them all. He’s had a number of high and first place finishes in online tournaments throughout the history of DBFZ’s competitive lifespan, but EVO 2023 was the first in-person major tournament he’s won in the game.

Despite winning it all, Hikari had some respect for opponents he faced and narrowly missed along the way. He didn’t shy away from any opponent, but would have loved to fight Gropis, who he felt would have challenged him uniquely with his unorthodox Frieza, Beerus, and Super Baby 2 team. As for other games in the FGC Hikari has been keeping an eye on, he wants to get back to Street Fighter 6 and put some practice there. He’s also interested in Under Night: In-Birth 2, which was revealed at EVO 2023 and will be coming out in early 2024.

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