Alan Wake 2 takes a first look at Alan's story at Gamescom 2023

Remedy's Sam Lake revealed a new look at Alan Wake's side of the story at Gamescom Opening Night Live.

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Gamescom Opening Night Live took an exciting new look at the story of Alan Wake 2. To this point, players had met Saga Anderson and explored her side of the narrative. But what about Alan himself? What does his side of the story look like? Remedy's Sam Lake came to Gamescom Opening Night Live to reveal a first look at Alan Wake's piece of the Alan Wake 2 narrative.

Alan Wake is seen at his writing desk before his nightmarish reality begins to unravel around him. It's quickly revealed that Alan is trying to recall the pages of a manuscript that he has no memory of writing. As people begin to look at Alan as a killer, players learn that there's an Alan Wake doppelganger on the loose. He's not only dangerously violent, but he's also out to drive the original Alan mad as he's trapped in the hellscape known only as the Dark Place.

Alan's story is expected to converge at some point with Saga Anderson's Resident Evil-like murder mystery. Saga will have her own distinct mechanics like the ability to retreat into the Mind Place and piece together clues to her investigation. It isn't known yet what Alan will have at his disposal, but expect to learn more in the weeks ahead.

Saga Anderson in the Mind Place in Alan Wake 2.

Source: Epic Games

The month of October is heavily stacked, as far as major game releases go. That's why Remedy has ultimately opted to delay Alan Wake 2's release date to October 27. Look for it to release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S with the PC version getting DLSS 3.5 support on day one.

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