Warp World CEO talks about Crowd Control 2.0 update

Popular streamer tool Crowd Control recently went 2.0 and to learn more about it, we spoke with CEO Matt 'Jaku' Jakubowski.


Thousands of Twitch streamers, big and small, recently got some good news when the team at Warp World brought out the latest update to the popular Crowd Control extension. For the uninitiated, Crowd Control is a software tool that allows streamers of any size to jump into a supported title and allow Twitch chat to affect various aspects of the game. To learn more about the leaps forward that Crowd Control has made with the jump to 2.0, Shacknews recently spoke with Warp World CEO Matthew 'Jaku' Jakubowski.

"Creators have always been a big focus of all of our feedback," Jakubowski told Shacknews. "We all are streamers ourselves at Crowd Control. We've all streamed in some capacity, some of us more often than not. We're always very in tune to the streamer community, so we're always looking to get feedback."

Jakubowski talks about the origins of Crowd Control, the advances made to the new Crowd Control 2.0 update, and working with charitable organizations. That includes collaborations with Tiltify in helping streamers support their favorite charities as well as working with organizations like Games Done Quick. GDQ fans may recall seeing the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Randomizer run that was powered by Crowd Control during Awesome Games Done Quick 2020.

Those interested in checking out what Crowd Control does and maybe even possibly trying the free extension out can head over to the Crowd Control website. For more interviews like this, check out Shacknews and Shacknews Interviews on YouTube.

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