Street Fighter 6 reveals A.K.I. DLC and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles avatar items

A.K.I. won't be here until this fall, but the Heroes in a Half-Shell collaboration will be here much sooner.


Prior to the start of EVO 2023's final Top 6 of the weekend, Capcom had a pair of exciting Street Fighter 6 announcements. As far as roster news goes, the publisher is moving right along to the next fighter and offered EVO viewers a first look at new fighter A.K.I. and her place in the Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode.

There isn't much to say about A.K.I. just yet. However, her role in the story makes her appear to be one of the world's more deranged mentors, as she poisons the player character for her own amusement. Capcom notes that more information about A.K.I. is coming later this fall. She's the latest fighter to join the Year 1 DLC list, which also includes the recently-released Rashid, Ed, and Akuma.

As for some more immediate gratification, EVO attendees were also treated to a special pre-Top 6 concert. After playing Luke and Jamie's themes, the band suddenly broke out into the original 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song. That's because Street Fighter 6 is getting a special TMNT collaboration this Tuesday, August 8. Players can pick up avatar gear, emotes, stamps, and other cosmetic items for their World Tour character to either take into the world or show off in Street Fighter 6's Battle Hub.

TMNT avatars in the Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub

Source: Capcom

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