Skate. console playtest news could be coming soon

Playtesting on PC has already been going on for a year, but EA and Full Circle asked console players to 'stay tuned' for upcoming news.


It’s been a while since skate. (formerly known as Skate 4) was announced by EA and its newly established Full Circle studio, and the developers have been working hard in playtesting on PC over the last year to try to make sure the game is done right. However, for console players being left in the cold, Full Circle had some assurances that console playtesting is on the way. The developers couldn’t offer a date or window, but asked console players to “stay tuned.”

Full Circle and EA released an update blog on skate. playtesting on the game’s website on July 25, 2023. While much of the post muses over the previous year, the progress the devs have made, the enjoyment of the testing player base, and snippets of the data collected so far, there is eventually an address of console playtesting.

“We also want to give a shout out to the console skate. community,” the developers wrote. “Yes, we are still currently only playtesting on PC but we promise console playtesting will be coming. We don’t have a date to share just yet, but stay tuned.”

skate. playtesting in the game's park.
Full Circle and EA have promised that news on console playtesting for skate. is coming soon.
Source: Full Circle

The post goes on to share that if console players want to get in on foreseeable playtesting of skate., they should be sure to sign up for the chance as a skate. Insider. Full Circle also implies that invites could come sometime in the next season.

“Sign-up and become a skate. Insider for the chance to play the game during development and help us shape the future of skate,” the post continues. “If you’ve already signed up, keep an eye on your inbox for an invite for future playtests over the coming months.”

It was in July 2022 that Skate 4 was officially named “skate.” and it was further confirmed that the game is coming to mobile devices.

There’s no word of when a mobile test will come (likely after console testing), but it sounds like skate. is moving along bit by bit. It remains to be seen if Full Circle can stick the landing, but it looks like the team is taking the time to make sure it gets everything right the first time around. Stay tuned as we continue to watch for further updates.

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