Metaphor: ReFantazio Korean trailer seemingly confirms PlayStation & Steam releases

We already knew it was coming to Xbox consoles and PC through the Xbox app, but it looks like PS4, PS5, and Steam versions are also happening.

Image via Atlus

During the Xbox Games Showcase this last weekend, Atlus revealed a new IP in Metaphor: ReFantazio that would be coming to Xbox and PC via the Microsoft Store. It seems it’s also going to be on other consoles as well, however. A new trailer for the game was dropped in Korea, which put Steam, PS4, and PS5 on the list of platforms for the game as well. It could have been guessed, but it seems Metaphor: ReFantazio is launching beyond the Xbox gaming ecosystem.

The Korean multiplatform trailer for Metaphor: ReFantazio was posted via the Sega Korea Twitter, as spotted by Gematsu. According to the trailer, not only will the game be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via the Xbox app and Windows Store, but it will also launch on PS4, PS5, and Steam on PC. The only thing that muddies matters is that Sega Korea seems to have deleted its original tweet on the multiplatform announcement, so it might not be official just yet.

The console listing of Metaphor: ReFantazio at the end of the Korean trailer
The end of the Korean trailer for Metaphor: ReFantazio clearly listed PS4, PS5, and Steam as platforms for launch.
Source: Sega Korea

Nonetheless, the trailer that Gematsu pulled looks clearly official and not doctored. It seems likely that the announcement wasn’t supposed to be made until a later date, which would be par for the course for Atlus over this last weekend given the Person 3 Remake and Persona 5 Tactica leaks.

A completely new IP from Atlus, Metaphor: ReFantazio is a fantasy-fiction RPG set in a world of sorcery and technology. Much like in Persona, players will forge bonds with party members they meet along the way and gather beings called Followers that will aid them in combat.

Nonetheless, those who were worried they might miss out on or have to wait for Metaphor: ReFantazio can likely take comfort in the knowledge that the game will be coming to more than just Xbox platforms. With the announcement not quite official yet, stay tuned for more updates right here at Shacknews.

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